Marathon Diaries: The London Marathon

After 15 weeks of training, I ran the London Marathon! Thank you all so much for your support, encouragement and love. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did running it!

Marathon Diaries: week 15

The final week! The last physio appointment, the last little jog around the track and then the Marathon Expo!!! It's nearly here and I am bloody EXCITED!!!!!! ......and I got my lashes done :)

Marathon Diaries: week 14

Oh dear, this was not a good week. I had a bad tummy for the beginning of the week and then it all ended in tears after a bad run. Need to pick myself up a little this week as the marathon is in a week and there's no time for self doubt or worrying if I have done enough. 

Marathon Diaries: week 13

It's been a nice week, some solid runs and a lovely track session with Dave who is a marathon legend! He was kind enough to give me some advice and run with me down at the track which was great. I saw some sunshine...FINALLY which was just the morale boost I needed!

Marathon Diaries: week 12

The long run last week absolutely destroyed me. I have never had a week where I've just felt so exhausted all of the time. This week is mainly an epic booty workout to help that peach grow!!

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