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Okay so you know the deal, swimming just feels so good. There's something calming about gliding through the water and the sense of calm that ensues. As calming as it is for your mind, it is not calming for your hair. It is drying, tangling and pretty savage and more than one time I've come out of the pool looking more Andy Carroll than Amanda Beard!

I've been swimming since I was about 6 and over the years I have perfected my post-swim chlorine detox! It's not a definitive guide but it seems to work for me so if you're having some trouble shaking that lingering chlorine aroma, read on!

For me, it is all about the hair. From a family of Indian, raven haired beauties, I am always jealous of my cousins' gorgeous thick glossy locks (none of them swim. Ever). As all you swimmers will know, is no mean feat when you spend serious time in the pool. This means you need something strong that will give you a deep cleanse and remove the impurities without drying out your locks. I have an everyday shampoo that I reach for 2/3 times a week and 1 that I go to weekly for that deep clean.

My everyday shampoo is from Boots and is it's own Sun, Swim and Gym range. I saw a lady with this at the gym and just had to try it. It has a very clean smell and is so inexpensive (£2/3). I use the one specifically for damaged hair as I figured it would be the one most laden with deep cleansing agents. It gives a really good clean and has quite a nice smell. It lathers quickly and a little goes a long way.
My weekly treat is the Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three. This stuff is uh-mezzin! It's a little more expensive at £12 (on average) but boy is it worth it. My hairdresser has used this on me for as long as I can remember so for me its a salon smell. As my hairdresser uses this one on me, I always feel like it deserves the proper salon treatment and I always find myself massaging my head as I lather it in. It feels gorgeous and lathers beautifully. My hair feels so clean after using this, I absolutely can't recommend it enough.

Sorry about the half empty bottle- you can see I use it a lot!

Next up, untangling that mane! I hated this part until I came across the Tangle Teezer. WHY wasn't this around when I was a little 8 year old sitting on mum's lap after swimming while she attacked me with the comb?! It would have saved many tears and tantrums, that's for sure! The small hand held number that does exactly as it says; teases those pesky tangles and knots right outta there. The days of yanking at my hair are long gone and it honestly just glides through. (I did think this was nonsense until I tried it!) Since I bought mine, they have introduced a brush specifically for wet hair but if you ask me, if it ain't broke...

To add that final va va voom, I always use a hair oil. More flashbacks to my younger self having to sit still while mum coated my hair in coconut oil from the Indian Cash and Carry! She would make me go to bed with it on, wrapped up in a little towel turban and then rinse it out in the morning. This hair oil stunk, I hated it! Thank god hair oils have come a long way since 1998!
Again I use a more everyday oil and I have a weekly treat. Everyday I use the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil. There are a few different ways to use this but for me, I like to work it into towel dried hair. I tend to go from midway down and really focus on the ends of my hair. It's very lightweight and not at all greasy. You only need a few drops to go a long way. I also use a drop or two after styling to a glossy finish. My treat is the best product I know, I am in love with this stuff; Moroccan Oil. I have no words to describe how truly incredible this product is. Maybe the fact that even my dad steals it goes some way to showing you what I can't put into words. This stuff is a miracle, the argan oil (the active ingredient) is an antioxidant which does wonders for your hair. The ONLY reason I don't use this every time I was my hair is because of it's hefty price tag, other wise trust me, you'd have to prise it out of my hands!

My Tips
  • Ice Ice Baby; once you've washed your hair, blast it with cold water, as cold as you can manage. This gives it a nice glossy look and it closes the pores that hot water opens.
  • Double Up; if I've had a particularly long swim, I always shampoo twice before conditioning. This leaves my hair squeaky clean.
  • Just the Tips; you only need to condition the ends of your hair, your scalp doesn't need conditioning.

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  1. Ooh I like this post. Love the mix of beauty and fitness....not that I ever go swimming! xxx


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