Fitness: P is for Parkrun PB!

Saturday mornings are no longer for laying in bed. I don’t hang around in my pjs any more watching old episodes of Sex and The City while I sip on my tea. Instead I find myself in the local park with around 300 other morning keenos at the start line of a 5k run. Who am I?!

Parkrun is a free event run in parks up and down the country. It’s a timed 5k run open for walkers, joggers and runners. It’s open to all ages and abilities. All you have to do is register online and print out your personalised barcode. Take the barcode with you to the run and that’s it, you’re ready to go!

My local event has grown massively and it recently celebrated it’s 100th run! I started going around Run #20 and due to the low numbers I found myself 2nd in my age category. I went a few times before I injured my knee. I got lazy and pretty much stopped going. However I returned a few weeks ago and have seen so much improvement since.

Run 98 - 36.57

Run 99 - 32.39

Run 100 - 31.33

Run 103 - 29.07

In the space of 5 weeks, I’ve knocked off 7 minutes from my run. I have never ever run a 5k in under 30 mins before! And to top it off, I'm back to being close to the top of my age category!

I’ve been doing longer runs in the week with my gang as detailed in my previous post. I think this has helped a lot as mentally I don’t look at 5k anymore and think of it as an impossible task. It’s a lot more manageable and knowing that I can do 10 makes 5 much easier.

Hopefully I can knock my time down to sub 25 mins soon!

My Tips
  • Go for longer; as I said going for longer will make the shorter distances seem easier.
  • Laminate; I’ve laminated my Parkrun barcode so no amount of sweat can smudge it. There’s nothing worse than when you’re barcode doesn’t scan.
  • Get Warm; it’s important to still remember to warm up and warm down before and after the run. With so many people and chatting it can be easy to forget but it’s important

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