Triathlon; Race Day

Yesterday was the Mid Sussex Triathlon. This was my first ever triathlon last year and I absolutely loved it so when it came to entering again, I was there! Let's be real, doing your first triathlon is bloody terrifying. A million things go through your mind; can I manage all 3? What if I'm wearing the wrong thing? What if I get lost? What if I just..can't?!

Believe me, a year later I still worried about all the same things. I felt sick with nerves. Okay so I'm going to be really honest, I didn't really prepare nearly as much as I should have done. I hadn't swam for about 3 weeks, I had been on the bike course once and I hadn't practiced running right after a bit of bike at all. I had been lazy and now it came to the moment, I was bricking it.

The thing I love about the Mid Sussex Triathlon is that everyone is just so nice. Seriously. They are the loveliest people you can imagine- cheery, happy, supportive, full of advice. The race director, Steve is really personable and has a lot of time for every single person. They make you feel so welcome. Even the people participating- from the aero helmeted racers to the brand new sparkly kitted newbies- everyone is so kind. The man next to me in transition even gave me some tips as to how I should set myself up in order for a speedy changeover. This dude was going for a sub 60 min time and he stopped to help me out, me!


So let's get to it..

The 400m Swim, 7.30- not bad considering my lack of pool action.I got overtaken by a lady so the second she went ahead I tried to jump on her feet and swim behind her to preserve a bit of energy. She was fast! It'll teach me not to forget about swimming 3 weeks before the race!

The 25k Bike, 1.03.55- my most dreaded part of the triathlon, I really do not like the bike! I just find it so difficult, I don't have much power in my legs (maybe because I avoid it like the plague?! Hmmm) As I said I'd done the route once so I knew what to expect. The first 10k or so is a steady uphill followed by a nice downhill and then relatively flat back to the start. I did it faster than I thought I had but I think that if I just got out on my bike a bit more often (blahh) I could definitely push to get it done in under an hour.

The 5k Run, 31.13- I am happy! I have been working on my run a lot lately and recently did my first ever sub 30min 5k. I was hoping the make it in under 30mins but as I hopped off the bike (well more like stop, swing one leg over and then the other) I just couldn't feel my feet at all. My legs were numb. I just started running because my brain was telling me "put one foot in front of the other". Around about 1.5k into the run my legs came back to me but it was a struggle. It felt like the longest 5k of my life!

Overall time, 1.42.38
2013 time, 1.52.19

My Tips
  • Catch Up; as I did, no worries if someone overtakes you but if they do jump on their tail and use them to gain a bit of advantage! 
  • Change it Up; the reason my run felt so long was because I always do the same route. Add some variety and do different routes in order to keep it fresh and stop you from getting used to the same old route.
  • Bricks; practice running right after your bike or running right after your swim. It sounds so obvious but i'm almost positive my lack of was the reason my run felt so lacklustre. 

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