Reformer Pilates

This weekend I tried reformer pilates. I was a bit sceptical at first as I've done "regular" pilates in the past to no avail. To be honest, I have never really understood how doing a downward dog or sitting on the floor with my legs crossed humming could really help your postures, muscles and everything else.
A typical reformer machine

I went to my coach, Michelle's house where she has a reformer in her "tri-den". It is basically a bed with a springs that offer different resistances. It looks a bit like a bondage/torture device really. As I have been running with a lazy bum, I need to strengthen my glutes and get my legs in order. I'm running the Brighton half marathon at the end of February so I want to strengthen up before then and run a good time. 

Michelle is a pro and made it look so easy. Of course this was not the case! It's so different from regular pilates; you can feel the muscles working almost instantly. You have to really focus on holding your body together and standing/sitting strong. My body is apparently not very strong- I was shaking and wobbling all over the place. After about 5 reps, I was hurting. I felt a bit conned as I go to the gym quite a bit and I think I'm quite strong. Michelle explained that it was working the deep muscles and the muscles used to stabilise you when you're running. I have no deep muscle. 

When I woke up this morning my body was in extreme pain. My abs (or lack thereof) were sore like never before- but I really love that feeling! It was a nice change from my usual workout though and actually quite good fun.  I am really keen to do it again but finding someone with a machine to use is proving more difficult than a needle in a haystack. The one I did find was ridiculously expensive so anyone out there know where I can use on please let me know! 

I'll save myself from posting the videos of me but here are a few photos of my efforts! Note my 5 chins from concentrating so hard!!


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