Travel: Road Trip Part 1

Hellooo! Did you missed me? I've been on the MOST incredible holiday. I went with my family as we haven't all been away together in years and thought it would be fun. I have taken lots of photos and little mementos so I can share it all with you! I've had to split it up into a few posts so look out for all parts and enjoy!

Day 1: London to San Francisco
(5,343 miles - 10 hours 45 mins)
Yikes what a long flight! 10 hours or so but thankfully no children as school resumes this week- ha ha suckers! So here I am coming out of the airport, sunglasses already perched on my nose ready for some serious heat and..nothing. It was windy and grey- less than impressed so far San Fran! A short ride to Fisherman's Wharf on the sea front and to the hotel. As we arrived around 1am UK time, all I wanted to do was sleep. I begrudgingly went for dinner which turned out to be delicious. As SF is on the coast the sea food is incredible. I'm not a huge sea food girl but the calamari was perfect- so soft and melt in your mouth-y. Just what I needed before bed!

Day 2: San Francisco
Up early and out on a boat ride to the Golden Gate Bridge! It still wasn't much warmer so being on a boat was a cold and windy experience. The GGB is huge- it's so much bigger than in the movies. To give you an idea- they have a team of guys who paint the bridge and once they've finished, it's already time for them to get back to the beginning and start again! The boat went past Alacratz which is deceptively close to the shore line. It's only around a mile and a half out but the water is icy (icier than Wales? Doubt it!!) and really choppy never mind the otters that are also in there. It hasn't (quite) put me off doing the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon but still....

Walking around SF it warmed up massively (yay!) and I was surprised at how steep the streets are. Of course we went to the famous "crookedest street in the world" which is crazy. People actually live on that road and it, like all of the streets there, requires you to park at exactly a 90 degree angle so you car doesn't accidentally roll down or something crazy like that! The best part of SF for me was the trams! They are definitely the best way to get around the city and it's fun to drape off the side as it chugs up the hills- I felt so Anne Hathaway in the Princess Diaries! (I am SO cheesy, I know).

Day 3: San Francisco to Monterey
(122.7 miles - 2 hours 30 mins )
Out of the city to little old Monterey. I have to be honest, I'm an extreme sleeper. Every single time we got into the car, I was out. Like dead-to-the-world out. It happens all the time - I have a problem- so my in car sight seeing was limited to say the least! A quick pit stop for gas (not petrol, "gas") and it was my opportunity to get some Cheetos! YUM! Someone tell me why we don't have them in England? Delish! As we arrived in Monterey late after walking around SF and a having a long lazy brunch, there was time for a quick dinner. It seems that Monterey residents are ones for a quiet life as most places were closed by half 8! Cheetos for dinner, oh well...

Day 4: Monterey
The main attraction in Monterey is the aquarium. I'm usually really against these types of things, I am not an animal person at all but I just think it's so cruel. (I'm looking at you SeaWorld!) but my family were very keen so off we went. Okay so I hate myself for saying it but it was amazing! It was huge and filled with some awesome little sea creatures. It took us around 3 hours to get round it all and I would totally recommend going! The fish and sharks they have in there are gorgeous.

After the aquarium we drove down to Lovers Point which is a gorgeous ocean view point. It was very romantic and there was even a wedding happening right on the beach. Then we drove down the famous 17 Mile Drive. This is down the California coast and contains some insane real estate. We drove to Pebble Beach where I saw my dream house - a bargain at a casual $22 million! The whole place was just beautiful, the kind of place you'd die to live in. To be honest you probably would die as you'd be bankrupt and wouldn't be able to afford food...

Day 5: Monterey to Yosemite
...........coming soon!

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