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When people first started talking about a nude lip, I honestly thought it was a waste of time. If you could barely see it, why bother? As much as I tried to ignore it, it just wouldn't go away. I'll admit it, I got sucked in. Massively. It's that 'Oh..I woke up like this' look that makes it seem like you're just put together without even trying to be. It takes a pretty plain look to another, yet still subtle, level.

Fashion: LTD...that's Little Tartan Dress

I'm just going to say it, I love tartan! It always looks so chic with  a bit school girl thrown in. I absolutely love it and it's so perfect of this time of year. I was at work and and concentrating very hard on what I was doing and not browsing ASOS at all when I found this number.

It's so simple and so gorgeous and so unbelievably inexpensive. It was a crime to pass this up. I was a little perplexed by the lack of zips to get this on but it's really stretchy. I like the 2 little pockets on the front and I love the neckline. I like how the sleeves aren't capped and are proper sleeves.

I like wearing it as it is with black tights but as it gets colder, I think it'll look great with a long-sleeved black top on underneath or a crisp white shirt. It's machine washable so it's no faff and it's great for work or going out. Easily one of my new wardbroe staples

It's Diwali!

It's the Indian New Year- Happy Diwali! Let's go back to last Thursday...

Gym Leggings

Recently my new favourite thing is buying gym clothes. No one actually needs 10 sports bras or 8 pairs of leggings but hey, I am a girl possessed! I think it's more psychological than anything else- If I feel good, I'll work out more effectively. Or a more narcissistic thought "if I look good, people will look at me so I'll have to be doing something good!"

On a recent perusal around Nike, I found these beauties. As you well know, I'm a pinky girlie girl kinda chick so when I spotted these I knew they were right up my street. I have a bit of a rule when it comes to gym dressing. It's either shorts + tee or leggings + skimpy top. I usually wear shorts so the chance to expand my wardrobe (shameless excuse to justify spending more like) was jumped upon!

As with Nike, the fit is a dream. Absolutely loads of stretch and super soft. They're slightly longer than the usual 3/4 length leggings which I like as you don't have to be so obsessive with leg shaving palaver (the endless battle). I like the zip pocket on the back and the concealed one in the wasitband. An iPhone pocket would be quite nice but I guess we can't have it all.

The Autumn Lip

As I have darker skin, I always love it when Autumn rolls around. In the summer time I find it so difficult to find a light pinky shade that doesn't make me look a little drag queen-y- it's not a good look. So as the days get colder and I feel myself getting (a little!) paler, I get very excited at the thought of reaching for my dark lip colours.

Fitness: Workout Bikinis

There's no two ways about it, wearing a Speedo is not the sexiest of looks. It squashes your bum that you squatted so hard for and it flattens your chest and the end result is usually "12 year boy (not-so) Chic". Niiiiice.

For most girls who swim/do triathlon, this is the apparel of choice. It might look lame but it's super functional and when you're practicing your butterfly the last thing you want is a boob busting out! Recently I've been seeing some quite stylish bikinis that are also quite functional. Here are a few I've been eyeing up.(don't worry, I'll leave the modelling to the professionals on this one!)

Sweaty Betty. I am obsessed with this bikini! What a gorgeous design, so simple and understated. I like that the top is very "full" so you know you'll be well kept in. It's super stretchy so you still have all of the flexibility to perfect your stroke. The design is bold and stylish. If anyone would like to buy me one, you are so welcome!

Monki. This bikini is all about the back. The front of the top is very simple; one colour and looks pretty basic. The back, however, is beaut. Open with a holey kind of design and slightly seductive, this is a pretty sexy workout bikini. It's got a wet leather look and the bottoms are saucy (workout) swimwear defined; a little high waited with the same criss-cross detailing as the top.

Speedo. It wouldn't be right to talk about swimming without mentioning Speedo. A brand synonymous with all things swimming related. The straps on this are very thin which made me think it might not be very supportive but leave it to Speedo to find a way around this.The material is built for endurance and is the stretchiest fabric around. Allows for maximum movement while still looking the business.

Sweaty Betty...again! What can I say, these gals know how to make a functional, stylish bikini! A similar design to the above. I love the two straps on this one with the mesh insert. The design is a sort of brocade-y lace-looking type -I'm not doing it justice- it's beautiful. Simple and elegant.

Get to it girls- swimming is one of the best all over body workouts as it works every single muscle in your body. Loads of guys swim too as it's good for injury (usually football!) recovery and the fact that they have to wear next to nothing is just a bonus!

Fitness: Old School Workouts

Fat- my personal nemesis. I only have to look at food sometimes and I can actually feel my hips expanding. Why don't I have the metabolism of my 12 year old self anymore?! Why why why?

Okay woe-is-me over, I've been trying to shake up my workouts to get my metabolism moving and burning those cals! I've ditched my usual poser-y on-the-cross-trainer biz for some real hardcore (I think) back to basics stuff. Let's get on with it!

1. Burpees
YUCK. Even the name is yuck. Who invented these?! They are v-i-l-e...but they work. So you just squat with your hands on the ground, kick your legs back while extending your arms, come back to squat and then jump. Repeatedly. You can feel your heart bursting out of your chest but the good thing about these is that you can actually feel yourself improving.

2. Plank
Ohhh just the thought is enough for my tummy to recoil in horror. Hold yourself on your elbows and toes and make your body long and strong. I try and do 3 1 minute planks, the key is remembering to breathe. At first I'd just hold my breath and shake like I was having some kind of internal seizure. I've heard that Miranda Kerr holds a plank for 4 mins everyday. If it's good enough for Miranda....

3. X Jumps
Jump up with your hands in the air and as you come down touch your right foot with your left hand. Go again, this time right hand to left food. This one isn't so bad. I just grit my teeth and do it and it's over surprisingly quick. Good for a nice taut tummy- just what I want!

4. Skip
Jump jump jump. Boxers are pro skippers, it gets the heart pumping and burns calories like nobodies business. Hold your stomach in and keep your head up. Get into a solid rhythm and go go go. A little tip for this one- wear a good sports bra! 

5. Squat
There's only one way to get a booty like Kim Kardash and you've gotta work! Stand feet should width apart and as you bend, make sure you stick your bum out and you don't bend over your knees. I like doing these stand on a Bosu ball to make it a little more difficult. Wiggle by Jason Derulo is a good track to get you motivated!

If I can do it, you can do it!

Travel: Road Trip Part 3

Hey hey, here's the final part of my trip...

Day 9: Mammoth to Death Valley

(205 miles - 4 hours)
So excited to be going to Death Valley! Just the name sounds awesome. As we leave Mammoth, everything goes from being gorgeous and green to desert. There's absolutely nothing. The roads are long and straight- it's like being in a Western. We jumped out of the car for a quick photo opp. and the heat is owerwhelming. It is about 40 degrees most days. It's dry and there's no moisture at all. It's draining. After checking in at the hotel we headed out to watch the sun go down at Dante's Point. The rocks are beautiful; red, green and  purple. The
colours come from the extreme climate around there- it's so pretty. There isn't much to do in the dessert so we headed back to the hotel and chilled in the bar for the evening.

Day 10: Death Valley
Up at 5am to walk around before the insane heat sets in! We drove to the highest point in the valley to watch the sunrise which was gorgeous. It was so slow at first, with the sun just creeping up and then all of a sudden it's up in the sky like it had never left. After the sunrise we drove to Badwater Basin. This is the lowest point in the Western hemisphere and the so-called "hottest place on earth".
Record temperatures have been as high as 139F! It's quite low down and is below sea level. There was once a river there but because of the heat it has long since evaporated but it left all of the salt which remains out in the basin. If you dig along the basin you can find water but due to its heavy salt content, it's not advised to drink!

A few other quick stops at the Devils Golf Course- basically an open area where the rocks are shaped like golf balls and at an old train wreck and back to the hotel. We slept for the hottest part of the day and went for another sunset viewing in the evening. 

Day 11: Death Valley to Las Vegas
(122 miles - 2 hours 30 mins)
iHop! This is where I've wanted to have breakfast the whole time we've been here! It's exactly halfway between Death Valley and Vegas and it was soooo good. Pancakes and waffles with lots of sticky syrup!

What can I say, you drive through the nothingness of the desert and all of a sudden- BAM. Lights, music, barely dressed know you're in Vegas. A quick stop at the hotel- the fabulous Four Seasons- and back out. We went to Cesar's Palace which is the most insane hotel/casino/shopping centre you could imagine. It's huge and so elaborate and grand. In Vegas none of the casino's have clocks or windows so you have no idea what the time is or how long you've been in there. It's all centered to you spending spending spending! We must have shopped in Cesars until around 9 when we realised how much we wanted dinner!

After dinner we walked around The Strip. People don't seem to enjoy being dressed which honestly was quite disgusting considering most are grossly overweight. We saw the light show at the Bellagio- it was very Ocean's Eleven- and even tried my luck on the fruit machine. Haha I'm such a low end gambler!
Day 12: Las Vegas
Breakfast by the pool. Cheeky 11am trip to the casino. 11.03am out again. Ha! We did so much; we went on the tram rail thing between hotels, we went to the shops, we went the Luxor- an Egyptian themed hotel. It was very random and there was a lot of gold around. 

In the evening we got tickets for the Cirque du Soleil show at the Wynn. We ate at a delicious but ridiculously overpriced dinner and headed over to the pool for the show. It was very good. I've seen a few CdS shows before but this was something else. The performers were incredible. The show finished around half 1 which is basically early evening in Vegas so we went for a drink at the casino before passing out in bed!

Day 13: Las Vegas to Home!

Wah wah! Today is our last day, I don't wanna come home. A quick trip to In-N-Out burger, amazing, and to the airport. I'm so gutted to be leaving. Ugh just a 10 hour flight before we're back to reality and work tomorrow!

Fashion: The Camel Coat

I love Autumn! My fave month; you can wear maroon again, a dark berry lip is so on trend, you can whip out some cashmere and it's officially okay to wear my gorgeous (faux) fur gillet!

Of course, autumn is a little tricky on the coat sitch. Sometimes its warm enough for a jacket, sometimes its pouring and you need a waterproof but most of the the time you need something to take you from chilly mornings to warm afternoons. Step in, the Camel Coat. Ta-Da!

This little number is from Topshop and I am crazy about it. It's soft and cosy and I love the length- just above the knee. I wish the sleeves were a little longer but I think that's a Topshop signature because every coat/jacket I've ever bought from there has been a little short in the arm.

The pockets don't open which is quite annoying but it keeps the shape of the coat slimline which I do like. I also like the little swish of grey under the collar. The buttons are magnetic which is so handy and you don't have to worry about them falling off which always seems to happen to me.

I love the colour, it's very easy to wear. I might have to do an accessory swap though because I've just realized my bag and scarf are all camel-y coloured!

What's in my (Work) Bag

Hey y'all, I hope you're all well. I always love reading these 'what's in my bag' posts, I'm so nosey! I hope you enjoy this one about my work bag.

God I'm such a pink girl, aren't I?! So matchy matchy!

The bag is a Michael Kors Tote Bag that I got it in Vegas last month. It's nice and big so I can get everything in and even a little lunch too. I tend to carry about everything but the kitchen sink so it's a good bag for that! I love tan bags as they match just about everything. It has two big loop handles so it fits under my arm and inside there are 4 small pockets and 1 zippy pocket. It's also got a little pocket on the back too. It's huge!

My Purse easily my fave thing! A gorgeous Christmas pressie from my parents, I've always wanted a Mulberry purse. I feel so chic whipping it out and in my fave colour too- it's perfect.

My Diary- I'm such a grandma, I like to write things down and see what I'm doing on paper.

My Notebook- Again, I love making lists and crossing things off, it feels good to put a giant big tick next to something.

Handcream- I hate dry hands, I love to be moisturized and silky smooth.

Sanitizer- Travelling on the tube and around London, I use this constantly. I'm a bit OCD when it comes to hygiene.

Water- A little bottle for those hot sticky times on the tube, i.e all the time. I'm always guzzling water.

Umbrella- Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Edition- you know the deal; if you live in England you never ever leave the house without a brolly. Ever.

iPad mini- - As I have quite a long commute, I like watching TV shows on the train. At the moment I'm loving The Great British Bake Off, I hope Richard wins!

Card Holder- Paperchase- train ticket, oyster card and work pass, handy handy.

Lip Bits- Lipbalm and Lipgloss in 'pink raspberry' because you always need both!

Monogrammed make up bag- Clinique (a gift from when I worked there)- contact lenses, nail file, plasters! blister plasters (so glam!), paracetamol because I get terrible migraines, Gucci Guilty perfume stick, mini Benefit They're Real mascara, Clinique Blushing Blush because I tend to look a bit pale around 5pm! and a mini Nivea deodorant because commuting is sweaty and if everyone was a bit more considerate, you wouldn't find yourself with a face-full of stinky armpit as often!!

Other bits; house keys, my Arsenal pen, Extra spearmint gum, iPhone headphones, USB stick, spare hair band and hair clip! There's usually a phone charger in there too but that's missing right now.! Told you it was everything but the kitchen sink!

Fashion: Lucky Whistles

So last week I was having a bad day. It was horrible in fact. I decided I needed chocolate to cheer me up (as you do) so I popped out of work and dashed across the road to get my Kinder Bueno fix. As I crossed the road, I noticed a £20 note on the ground! I love it when stuff like this happens, it's like the universe is saying "hang in there AP". I got back to work and had saw a tweet about Whistles' 25% with Grazia magazine! Erm hello, talk about signs from the universe!
If you don't know, Whistles is quite pricey so even with 25% off, £20 isn't going to get you very far. i was thinking of just saving it when i saw a gorgeous Clutch Bag. I never really buy bags unless it's a Mulberry I've coveted and saved for months for or something like that. I always need a small bag when I'm going out but it's something I never remember to buy!

Let me tell you- it's gorgeous! I can't stop smiling at my new purchase (please tell me, other people are this weirdly proudly of new things too?!) It's a "small" clutch but it a fair bit bigger than I thought it would be which is nice. It's a bit of an odd shape, I thought clutch, so long and rectangular but this is more square. The leather is quite buttery so it feels nice and soft.

I love the little details like the little Whistles engraved into the zip. It's so pretty! I tend to wear a lot of black so this will definitely brighten up my outfit and no doubt put a big smile on my face!


Food: Meat Market

Hey there! A food review, this is a new thing for me- let me know what you think!

A few nights ago, I met one of my best and oldest friends and we went to Meat Market in Covent Garden. It's owned by the same people who own Meat Liquor and Meat Mission and my friend having been to them was keen to try this one.

The outside looked a bit blah to be honest and there was a decidedly dodgy smell outside. Despite this, we ventured on in. It is a really tiny place, it must have a max capacity of around 35. There's usually a huge queue but as we went early in the week, it was lovely and quiet- perfect for chatty girls in need of a catch up!

You just go up to the counter and place your order and then they call you name through the mega phone when it's ready. The menu is quite basic- burgers, hot dogs and a few sides. I went for the Dirty Chicken burger and together we shared some Chilli Cheese Fries and Monkey Fingers. My friend was raving about these Monkey Fingers so we had to order them! They're basically battered chicken pieces in the Meat Market hot-pepper sauce. We felt like as the setting was a little "lads night" we'd go for a can! I have never ever had beer in a can before and I can probably say that I won't ever have it again. 

Food was really quick and hot. I absolutely hate cold or lukewarm food. The burger was absolutely huge but truly delicious (My photo is dreadful, I know. It was far more appetizing than it looks!). The absolute dream though was the Monkey Fingers! So so delicious. I thought they would be quite spicy but it wasn't at all, more tangy than spicy. It came with a blue cheese dip which complimented it perfectly. The chili cheese fries were okay, nothing special. I'd probably go for regular fries or cheese fries next time.

On the whole it was a good evening; surprisingly good food and not especially expensive; 2 burgers, 2 sides and 2 drinks came to around £30. It is fast food but you definitely get enough to fill you up and the waiters were very friendly and chatty. It was relatively clean and the food came quickly which is always a big plus for me as I'm always hungry! I'd definitely go again!


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