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Aerin 08 Madison
Bobbi Brown 36 Slopes
When people first started talking about a nude lip, I honestly thought it was a waste of time. If you could barely see it, why bother? As much as I tried to ignore it, it just wouldn't go away. I'll admit it, I got sucked in. Massively. It's that 'Oh..I woke up like this' look that makes it seem like you're just put together without even trying to be. It takes a pretty plain look to another, yet still subtle, level.

It's difficult to find a nude that suits my skin tone as most are quite pinky and make me look a bit like I'm wearing foundation on my lips. I detest this look. Here are a few that I've found I love.

1. Aerin in the shade, 08 Madison. This formula is so soft and easy to apply. The colour is just the right mix of sheer yet pigmented which gives you a nice glossy-but-not-sticky lip. The bullet is quite small and for the steep price tag it doesn't really feel like value for money. It's a nice lipstick though and easy to wear.

2. Bobbi Brown in 36 Slopes. I have so much love for Bobbi, the girl's just got it going on. This lipstick pretty much lives in my bag as it adds a bit of ompf to everthing. A flushed browny-red that make your lips look full and fresh, it's sublime. I just can't fault this colour at all.

3. Bite in Rhubarb. My friend +Rema Gouyez Benallal introduced me to Bite and I've never looked back. It applies so smoothy and softly. It gives off just a hint of red and leaves lips looking so dewy and delicious. It comes in a creamy pencil form which I love as it makes application oh-so simple.
Bite in Rhubard
Clinique Chubby Intense in 01 Curviest Car

4. Clinique Chubby Intense in 01 Curviest Caramel. The sheerest, lightest colour of the lot. I like this as it has a it of a shimmer too it so this coupled with it's serious lightness, gives lips a wet glossy look. It can be layered up or worn simply for a hint of shimmer.

Let me know what your fave nudes are!


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