Gym Leggings

Recently my new favourite thing is buying gym clothes. No one actually needs 10 sports bras or 8 pairs of leggings but hey, I am a girl possessed! I think it's more psychological than anything else- If I feel good, I'll work out more effectively. Or a more narcissistic thought "if I look good, people will look at me so I'll have to be doing something good!"

On a recent perusal around Nike, I found these beauties. As you well know, I'm a pinky girlie girl kinda chick so when I spotted these I knew they were right up my street. I have a bit of a rule when it comes to gym dressing. It's either shorts + tee or leggings + skimpy top. I usually wear shorts so the chance to expand my wardrobe (shameless excuse to justify spending more like) was jumped upon!

As with Nike, the fit is a dream. Absolutely loads of stretch and super soft. They're slightly longer than the usual 3/4 length leggings which I like as you don't have to be so obsessive with leg shaving palaver (the endless battle). I like the zip pocket on the back and the concealed one in the wasitband. An iPhone pocket would be quite nice but I guess we can't have it all.

There's a big black waistband at the top which helps them sit nicely on your hips and holds any flab in so you look good! The high waist band also ensures that they stay where you leave them so when I'm jumping around like a lunatic, they never ever slip down. I never feel like I need to hike them up in that oh-so-ladylike-way of mine or worry that I'm overexposed while I'm on the floor gasping.

Words can't praise them enough, I completely love these leggings. There is a bit of a hefty price tag which when you think about it is a bit crazy for clothes to sweat in but all I can say is they are so worth it....for the gym selfies if nothing else!

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