Fitness: Old School Workouts

Fat- my personal nemesis. I only have to look at food sometimes and I can actually feel my hips expanding. Why don't I have the metabolism of my 12 year old self anymore?! Why why why?

Okay woe-is-me over, I've been trying to shake up my workouts to get my metabolism moving and burning those cals! I've ditched my usual poser-y on-the-cross-trainer biz for some real hardcore (I think) back to basics stuff. Let's get on with it!

1. Burpees
YUCK. Even the name is yuck. Who invented these?! They are v-i-l-e...but they work. So you just squat with your hands on the ground, kick your legs back while extending your arms, come back to squat and then jump. Repeatedly. You can feel your heart bursting out of your chest but the good thing about these is that you can actually feel yourself improving.

2. Plank
Ohhh just the thought is enough for my tummy to recoil in horror. Hold yourself on your elbows and toes and make your body long and strong. I try and do 3 1 minute planks, the key is remembering to breathe. At first I'd just hold my breath and shake like I was having some kind of internal seizure. I've heard that Miranda Kerr holds a plank for 4 mins everyday. If it's good enough for Miranda....

3. X Jumps
Jump up with your hands in the air and as you come down touch your right foot with your left hand. Go again, this time right hand to left food. This one isn't so bad. I just grit my teeth and do it and it's over surprisingly quick. Good for a nice taut tummy- just what I want!

4. Skip
Jump jump jump. Boxers are pro skippers, it gets the heart pumping and burns calories like nobodies business. Hold your stomach in and keep your head up. Get into a solid rhythm and go go go. A little tip for this one- wear a good sports bra! 

5. Squat
There's only one way to get a booty like Kim Kardash and you've gotta work! Stand feet should width apart and as you bend, make sure you stick your bum out and you don't bend over your knees. I like doing these stand on a Bosu ball to make it a little more difficult. Wiggle by Jason Derulo is a good track to get you motivated!

If I can do it, you can do it!

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