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There's no two ways about it, wearing a Speedo is not the sexiest of looks. It squashes your bum that you squatted so hard for and it flattens your chest and the end result is usually "12 year boy (not-so) Chic". Niiiiice.

For most girls who swim/do triathlon, this is the apparel of choice. It might look lame but it's super functional and when you're practicing your butterfly the last thing you want is a boob busting out! Recently I've been seeing some quite stylish bikinis that are also quite functional. Here are a few I've been eyeing up.(don't worry, I'll leave the modelling to the professionals on this one!)

Sweaty Betty. I am obsessed with this bikini! What a gorgeous design, so simple and understated. I like that the top is very "full" so you know you'll be well kept in. It's super stretchy so you still have all of the flexibility to perfect your stroke. The design is bold and stylish. If anyone would like to buy me one, you are so welcome!

Monki. This bikini is all about the back. The front of the top is very simple; one colour and looks pretty basic. The back, however, is beaut. Open with a holey kind of design and slightly seductive, this is a pretty sexy workout bikini. It's got a wet leather look and the bottoms are saucy (workout) swimwear defined; a little high waited with the same criss-cross detailing as the top.

Speedo. It wouldn't be right to talk about swimming without mentioning Speedo. A brand synonymous with all things swimming related. The straps on this are very thin which made me think it might not be very supportive but leave it to Speedo to find a way around this.The material is built for endurance and is the stretchiest fabric around. Allows for maximum movement while still looking the business.

Sweaty Betty...again! What can I say, these gals know how to make a functional, stylish bikini! A similar design to the above. I love the two straps on this one with the mesh insert. The design is a sort of brocade-y lace-looking type -I'm not doing it justice- it's beautiful. Simple and elegant.

Get to it girls- swimming is one of the best all over body workouts as it works every single muscle in your body. Loads of guys swim too as it's good for injury (usually football!) recovery and the fact that they have to wear next to nothing is just a bonus!

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  1. Thank you! I do the sprint triathlons & usually just wear a sports bra & short shorts. I love the sweaty Betty ones!


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