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Hey there! A food review, this is a new thing for me- let me know what you think!

A few nights ago, I met one of my best and oldest friends and we went to Meat Market in Covent Garden. It's owned by the same people who own Meat Liquor and Meat Mission and my friend having been to them was keen to try this one.

The outside looked a bit blah to be honest and there was a decidedly dodgy smell outside. Despite this, we ventured on in. It is a really tiny place, it must have a max capacity of around 35. There's usually a huge queue but as we went early in the week, it was lovely and quiet- perfect for chatty girls in need of a catch up!

You just go up to the counter and place your order and then they call you name through the mega phone when it's ready. The menu is quite basic- burgers, hot dogs and a few sides. I went for the Dirty Chicken burger and together we shared some Chilli Cheese Fries and Monkey Fingers. My friend was raving about these Monkey Fingers so we had to order them! They're basically battered chicken pieces in the Meat Market hot-pepper sauce. We felt like as the setting was a little "lads night" we'd go for a can! I have never ever had beer in a can before and I can probably say that I won't ever have it again. 

Food was really quick and hot. I absolutely hate cold or lukewarm food. The burger was absolutely huge but truly delicious (My photo is dreadful, I know. It was far more appetizing than it looks!). The absolute dream though was the Monkey Fingers! So so delicious. I thought they would be quite spicy but it wasn't at all, more tangy than spicy. It came with a blue cheese dip which complimented it perfectly. The chili cheese fries were okay, nothing special. I'd probably go for regular fries or cheese fries next time.

On the whole it was a good evening; surprisingly good food and not especially expensive; 2 burgers, 2 sides and 2 drinks came to around £30. It is fast food but you definitely get enough to fill you up and the waiters were very friendly and chatty. It was relatively clean and the food came quickly which is always a big plus for me as I'm always hungry! I'd definitely go again!


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  1. The dirty chicken burger at Meat Liquor is my faveeeeeeeee! xxx


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