Travel: Road Trip Part 3

Hey hey, here's the final part of my trip...

Day 9: Mammoth to Death Valley

(205 miles - 4 hours)
So excited to be going to Death Valley! Just the name sounds awesome. As we leave Mammoth, everything goes from being gorgeous and green to desert. There's absolutely nothing. The roads are long and straight- it's like being in a Western. We jumped out of the car for a quick photo opp. and the heat is owerwhelming. It is about 40 degrees most days. It's dry and there's no moisture at all. It's draining. After checking in at the hotel we headed out to watch the sun go down at Dante's Point. The rocks are beautiful; red, green and  purple. The
colours come from the extreme climate around there- it's so pretty. There isn't much to do in the dessert so we headed back to the hotel and chilled in the bar for the evening.

Day 10: Death Valley
Up at 5am to walk around before the insane heat sets in! We drove to the highest point in the valley to watch the sunrise which was gorgeous. It was so slow at first, with the sun just creeping up and then all of a sudden it's up in the sky like it had never left. After the sunrise we drove to Badwater Basin. This is the lowest point in the Western hemisphere and the so-called "hottest place on earth".
Record temperatures have been as high as 139F! It's quite low down and is below sea level. There was once a river there but because of the heat it has long since evaporated but it left all of the salt which remains out in the basin. If you dig along the basin you can find water but due to its heavy salt content, it's not advised to drink!

A few other quick stops at the Devils Golf Course- basically an open area where the rocks are shaped like golf balls and at an old train wreck and back to the hotel. We slept for the hottest part of the day and went for another sunset viewing in the evening. 

Day 11: Death Valley to Las Vegas
(122 miles - 2 hours 30 mins)
iHop! This is where I've wanted to have breakfast the whole time we've been here! It's exactly halfway between Death Valley and Vegas and it was soooo good. Pancakes and waffles with lots of sticky syrup!

What can I say, you drive through the nothingness of the desert and all of a sudden- BAM. Lights, music, barely dressed know you're in Vegas. A quick stop at the hotel- the fabulous Four Seasons- and back out. We went to Cesar's Palace which is the most insane hotel/casino/shopping centre you could imagine. It's huge and so elaborate and grand. In Vegas none of the casino's have clocks or windows so you have no idea what the time is or how long you've been in there. It's all centered to you spending spending spending! We must have shopped in Cesars until around 9 when we realised how much we wanted dinner!

After dinner we walked around The Strip. People don't seem to enjoy being dressed which honestly was quite disgusting considering most are grossly overweight. We saw the light show at the Bellagio- it was very Ocean's Eleven- and even tried my luck on the fruit machine. Haha I'm such a low end gambler!
Day 12: Las Vegas
Breakfast by the pool. Cheeky 11am trip to the casino. 11.03am out again. Ha! We did so much; we went on the tram rail thing between hotels, we went to the shops, we went the Luxor- an Egyptian themed hotel. It was very random and there was a lot of gold around. 

In the evening we got tickets for the Cirque du Soleil show at the Wynn. We ate at a delicious but ridiculously overpriced dinner and headed over to the pool for the show. It was very good. I've seen a few CdS shows before but this was something else. The performers were incredible. The show finished around half 1 which is basically early evening in Vegas so we went for a drink at the casino before passing out in bed!

Day 13: Las Vegas to Home!

Wah wah! Today is our last day, I don't wanna come home. A quick trip to In-N-Out burger, amazing, and to the airport. I'm so gutted to be leaving. Ugh just a 10 hour flight before we're back to reality and work tomorrow!


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