Event: A Night at the Emirates

On Wednesday night after work, I made my way to North London to see my team Arsenal play in the Champions League against German team, Broussia Dortmond.

I went with my cousin which was great as we could catch up and have a goss as we watched our team storm to victory.

She brought us a half time snack!

What a wonderful night and the final score was even sweeter!

Travel: Trials and Tribulations of Commuting

This is, without any doubt, the worst part of my day. Standing at the train station being battered by the wind while Southern Rail cause their usual chaos is not fun. After this slow (and permanantly delayed) train ride, I have to elbow my way onto the Tube. Seriously, I have had grown men shove me out of the way so they can get onto the train before me. All in all I spend roughly 2 and a half hours commuting every day. I've come up with a few little tricks to make it a bit more bearable.

1. Layer Up
Standing on the station platform is never warm first thing in the morning. If you're like me and you really feel the cold it's a good idea to layer up. I say layer up because you can guarantee the journey home will be much warmer. I like to wear this fleecy top during my journey to work and then I just pop it in my bag for the way home. It makes such a difference!

2. Do Something
In the morning, if I get a seat I like to either sleep or watch something. I love the BBC iPlayer as you can download programmes to watch later on. There is even a subtitle option for when there are noisy children on the train. In the evening I like to read my book or the free paper from the train station. I read the gossipy stories, do the SoDoKu...it's great. Just remember to keep a pen handy!

3. Stay Clean
The amount of times I've seen people pick their nose and then hold onto something is too disgusting to count. The first thing I do when I get into work and get home, is wash my hands. I carry santitiser with me too, I'm especially liking this one at the moment. You can never have enough, people are gross.

4. Hydrate
Commuting is tiring business. It's hot, cramped and long. I always have a mini bottle of water with me. It's a life saver. If you have nothing else, have some water!

5. Clock Watch
The early bird well and truly does get the worm...or the seat. I am a loser and I know where to stand on the platform so the train door opens, I am on it! It sounds so pathetic doesn't it, but there is nothing fun about standing for an hours train ride. Trust me, knowing where to stand makes all the difference!

Fitness: Protein World

Hii hiii! Okay let's get to it, my absolute dream is to be able to eat and eat and eat and never get fat. Obviously I am not that girl so I have been exercising like a crazy person and trying to eat healthier.

Eating healthy is so boring, I don't care what anyone says, it is. Especially in the winter when I can see the burrito place from my office desk or go next door to Pret. The world is so tempting. I thought I'd give Protein Shakes a go. Hello Protein World. 

I bought the Slender Blend in chocolate, naturally. I bought the protein powder on it's own rather than with the "fat melter capsules" because honestly, they just sound really gross. I also bought the shaker so I have something to drink it out of. I got the delivery the next day which I was very impressed by as I paid regular price, no special delivery business.

Oh my...firstly it just looks so pretty. I love the design and it's not super butch or masculine which fills me with confidence that I won't start producing testosterone in insane quantities! The personalized note is lovely and such a nice touch- not what I was expecting from a fitness-y type brand. Usually it's "WORK WORK, TONE, CRUNCH...etc" you know?
I have been using the Protein World website for recipes which are delish. Seriously. I thought it would be grim and I'd have to hold my nose and chug but it's surprisingly really good. Stay posted for my updates and to see how it goes! Bottoms up..


I am obsessed with eyebrows! They transform your face and give it so much structure and definition. I never understand why girls with blonde eyebrows say things like "you can't seem them so I don't bother" or girls say "I don't care". You should.

Food: Byron

Last week I went for dinner at Byron on the Strand and it was delish! I've been to Byron before but not for a long time and I was dying for a good burger.

The one on the Strand looks really nice from the outside. As I went in the evening, it was all lit up and it looked really good. Inside it was a bit cafeteria-like but the food looked good. We hadn't booked a table which is usually the kiss of death for restaurants on a Friday night but we only had to wait around 10 mins. I was already pleased.

We went a little crazy on the food as you can see. I went for a Byron burger and we order fries, fries with skin and onion rings! We were HUNGRY. I'm so glad we got the fries and fries with skin on though because they were seriously amazing. Both of them. They needed a serious dusting of salt - McDonalds has ruined me for life- but they were pure perfection,

The service was great and really quick. They have a little game in here where by they hide little cows around the restaurant and you have to find them all. If you look closely at the photo of the chandelier, you can see a few on there. 

I had to make the most of my ridiculously non healthy meal and I'm going to start training for the half marathon I'm doing in February. Sigh...goodbye burgers. Bye fries. Bye food that tastes of anything...

Purple Reign

Who says girls with black hair can't do something fun with it? Why should girls with lighter hair have all the fun? Nah uh, I'm not missing out. I made an appointment at Bleach London and off I went.

Firstly I have to say, if I make an appointment for a certain time, that's the time I expect it at. My appointment was at 3pm and I didn't get in the chair until 3.45pm. This is not okay, she told me she was running 10mins late not 45!

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