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Hii hiii! Okay let's get to it, my absolute dream is to be able to eat and eat and eat and never get fat. Obviously I am not that girl so I have been exercising like a crazy person and trying to eat healthier.

Eating healthy is so boring, I don't care what anyone says, it is. Especially in the winter when I can see the burrito place from my office desk or go next door to Pret. The world is so tempting. I thought I'd give Protein Shakes a go. Hello Protein World. 

I bought the Slender Blend in chocolate, naturally. I bought the protein powder on it's own rather than with the "fat melter capsules" because honestly, they just sound really gross. I also bought the shaker so I have something to drink it out of. I got the delivery the next day which I was very impressed by as I paid regular price, no special delivery business.

Oh my...firstly it just looks so pretty. I love the design and it's not super butch or masculine which fills me with confidence that I won't start producing testosterone in insane quantities! The personalized note is lovely and such a nice touch- not what I was expecting from a fitness-y type brand. Usually it's "WORK WORK, TONE, CRUNCH...etc" you know?
I have been using the Protein World website for recipes which are delish. Seriously. I thought it would be grim and I'd have to hold my nose and chug but it's surprisingly really good. Stay posted for my updates and to see how it goes! Bottoms up..

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