Food: Byron

Last week I went for dinner at Byron on the Strand and it was delish! I've been to Byron before but not for a long time and I was dying for a good burger.

The one on the Strand looks really nice from the outside. As I went in the evening, it was all lit up and it looked really good. Inside it was a bit cafeteria-like but the food looked good. We hadn't booked a table which is usually the kiss of death for restaurants on a Friday night but we only had to wait around 10 mins. I was already pleased.

We went a little crazy on the food as you can see. I went for a Byron burger and we order fries, fries with skin and onion rings! We were HUNGRY. I'm so glad we got the fries and fries with skin on though because they were seriously amazing. Both of them. They needed a serious dusting of salt - McDonalds has ruined me for life- but they were pure perfection,

The service was great and really quick. They have a little game in here where by they hide little cows around the restaurant and you have to find them all. If you look closely at the photo of the chandelier, you can see a few on there. 

I had to make the most of my ridiculously non healthy meal and I'm going to start training for the half marathon I'm doing in February. Sigh...goodbye burgers. Bye fries. Bye food that tastes of anything...

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