Travel: Trials and Tribulations of Commuting

This is, without any doubt, the worst part of my day. Standing at the train station being battered by the wind while Southern Rail cause their usual chaos is not fun. After this slow (and permanantly delayed) train ride, I have to elbow my way onto the Tube. Seriously, I have had grown men shove me out of the way so they can get onto the train before me. All in all I spend roughly 2 and a half hours commuting every day. I've come up with a few little tricks to make it a bit more bearable.

1. Layer Up
Standing on the station platform is never warm first thing in the morning. If you're like me and you really feel the cold it's a good idea to layer up. I say layer up because you can guarantee the journey home will be much warmer. I like to wear this fleecy top during my journey to work and then I just pop it in my bag for the way home. It makes such a difference!

2. Do Something
In the morning, if I get a seat I like to either sleep or watch something. I love the BBC iPlayer as you can download programmes to watch later on. There is even a subtitle option for when there are noisy children on the train. In the evening I like to read my book or the free paper from the train station. I read the gossipy stories, do the's great. Just remember to keep a pen handy!

3. Stay Clean
The amount of times I've seen people pick their nose and then hold onto something is too disgusting to count. The first thing I do when I get into work and get home, is wash my hands. I carry santitiser with me too, I'm especially liking this one at the moment. You can never have enough, people are gross.

4. Hydrate
Commuting is tiring business. It's hot, cramped and long. I always have a mini bottle of water with me. It's a life saver. If you have nothing else, have some water!

5. Clock Watch
The early bird well and truly does get the worm...or the seat. I am a loser and I know where to stand on the platform so the train door opens, I am on it! It sounds so pathetic doesn't it, but there is nothing fun about standing for an hours train ride. Trust me, knowing where to stand makes all the difference!

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