Some of my fave memories of the past year, can't wait for 2015!

Went to the NBA in London
For the first time ever I ran 5K in sub 30 mins
Completed the Swimathon 5k Challenge
My mum and I went to the Wimbledon Men's Final- even made it onto tv!
I went to watch my man in his Ironman 70.3...
......while I struggled on!
I saw the TdF in London (yep, Kittel winning the Sprint!)

I saw more of my gorgeous friends
My mum proved that she's Superwoman!

My fabulous parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary

My baby brother turned 21!
Team Patel!
My best friend, my training partner, my love

I did a sea swim triathlon!!
Santa's little helper came to stay
This happened :)
....I mean, how can anyone be this gorgeous?!
I went to the open air cinema
Surrounded myself with people who made me laugh and who bring me up. The blurriness adds to this!

We had the best family holiday!

Beauty: The Candy Coated Countdown Pt 4

Beauty: The Candy Coated Update Pt 3

Fitness: Protein World Review

Hi there! A few posts ago I wrote about my purchase of the Slender Blend from Protein World. I said I'd keep you in the loop of my progress so here we are.

I am so happy with this product! For 2 weeks I had it for breakfast everyday mixed with almond milk or sometimes water which was surprisingly delicious. I also tried to have it for lunch too but it's difficult with team lunches and "hey wanna go out for some food"! For snacks I had fruit and oat cakes and 98% of the time I felt like my hunger was kept at bay.

This coupled with exercising every other day or so, I lost half a stone. Way hey! I'm really happy with my progress and I'm sure I'll keep using the Slender Blend. I might wait until Jan to really go for it again though as there are loads of Christmas lunches and parties coming up so I don't think it's worth trying at the moment.

My skin is looking very glowy which I love and since the Slender Blend is the only new thing I'm doing, I'm putting it down to that. I feel fit and healthy and happy.

The chocolate was a great choice and wasn't sickly sweet or funny tasting at all. I am so thrilled with this product, I would recommend it to anyone!

Beauty: The Candy Coated Countdown Pt 2

Christmas Chili

Ooh I love a good Christmas nail colour. I don't like red though as I feel like it makes my hands look a bit of a funny colour and there's no way I'm going for green. I like red though so instead of a red red, I've gone for a orangey red.

Beauty: Candy Coated Update

Hello my loves! I thought I'd give you a little update after my first week of the most fabulous beauty advent calendar of them all. After the hardships of actually getting my hands on this beauty, I was expecting a lot from Benefit...and they haven't disappointed!


BLACK FRIDAY. God help me when my credit card statement comes, I may have gone a teeny bit crazy! I just love shopping...I'm not even really that sorry. Let's get on with it, I've got a bit to show you!

My first purchase was this cashmere sweater from Zara. I am obsessed with Zara, amazing quality, super fashionable and not expensive at all. I like this plain grey sweater, it's so cosy and warm I like the detail on the sleeve. I feel like I'm going to be living in this this winter!
Next up is this leather skirt from Oasis. OH YES! I am loving this, it's so simple and fits perfectly. It's not so short that I look like..well..you know but it's still short enough to be sexy. Love love love, nothing bad to say about this. In general, Oasis is so on point right now. 

Onto the bling! I treated myself (like I do everyday it seems!) to something I have been eyeing for sometime now, I bought the Riva ring from Monica Vinader. It's beautiful. I have to say the shop assistants are real snobby women which is annoying as it's not like they own the shop or anything -they just work there- but it was worth it. I went for the rose gold and looking at the teeny tiny diamonds is making me feel very glam!

I bought another cosy jumper from ASOS. I love the relaxed cosiness of this (can you sense a theme in my winter dressing?) There is zero stretch in this so getting it on and off requires a bit of wiggling but it's very warm and soft. Just what a like!

The last thing I bought is possibly the best! I have been looking for some sexy thigh high boots for some time now and although I didn't go for thigh high in the end, I went as high as I could before I fell into stripper territory. Step in Kurt Geiger. I went for baby nothing heel and a size smaller than usual as they were huge in the leg. In a classic suede black. These will do me perfect until I can afford the Loubie boots I'm really after! Ha!

Beauty: The Candy Coated Countdown

Oh yes. Yes I did. I did indeed get my hands on the most elusive beauty calendar around. Uh huh, hello Benefit Advent Calendar, the Candy Coated Countdown!

Just me start of by saying I do feel decidedly decadent paying £60 for this little treat but look at it! Seriously. After last year's failed attempt, I was prepared this year. The wait list opened a good 2 months before December 1st and I made sure my name was on that list. As the calendars came in earlier than expected, I had to go fetch mid week one November day to avoid it being passed on and sold to another beauty lover. Yep, it's pretty military.

I love that there is something for everyday. Often luxe beauty calendars nly have gifts for every few days. This is so offensive, if I'm spending an obscene amount on an advent calendar I expect a gift every single day! It's big and very sturdy, it's beautifully designed and there is a lot of attention to detail.

So here we are, December 1st. Today's goodie is...drum roll please...
It's cute little heart shaped clips!

Stay tuned, I'll do little updates as December goes on. I am so excited to see what else I uncover in this little box of treasures!

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