Beauty: The Candy Coated Countdown Pt 2

My gorgeous advent calendar continues...
The following 5 days have been a bit hit and miss. I paid for a beauty calendar and beauty is what I expect, if I wanted a cheap tacky hairband I could easily pop down to Poundland and pick one up!

6th December
Porefessional! I am obsessed with this product, under make up skin looks flawless. Just flawless. Totally perfect. I have no bad words for this little gem, it's amazing.

7th December
........a hairband. It is a tacky and as cheap as it looks. 

8th December
More Not even nice ones, just cheap. Not particularly impressed Benefit.

9th December
Back on track, Dandelion lipgloss, sugary sweet and girlie. Very similar to the one I got on Day 2 though.

10th December
Primer. I've been looking for a good primer for a while so keen to try this one, As usual, awesome packaging. The best one by far of the past 5 days!


  1. I expected more from Benefit...the actual products are good but what is all the random tut to bulk it out!


    1. I know! I don't need budget post its and hair bands!!


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