Beauty: The Candy Coated Countdown Pt 4

18th December
That Gal- I like this a lot, it's very smooth and soft on the skin. I have worn it on it's own and not as a primer and my skin just looks soft and dewy, I like this a lot.

19th December
Hair band. Again,

20th December
I have used Watts Up before and it's such a gorgeous highlighter. Very similar to High Beam but less pink I think. Very creamy and no shimmer which I like.

21st December
Who doesn't love lipgloss?!

22nd December
I am obsessed with the They're Real mascara so unfortunately Bad Gal doesn't do much for me but it is a nice mascara, quite middle of the road.

23rd December
So this FakeUp is a crease control concelear. It seems nice but it's not my colour at all (what a surprise!) so can't really comment. I like the packaging though,

24th December
The final day! I was expecting to finish with a bang but instead we have this Cha Cha Whatever- another tint. At this point I don't care to tint my face any further.

On the whole it's been nice but I feel duped that I paid so much for this. I don't expect tatty stationary when I see BEAUTY calendar and I certainly expect more for such a hefty price. I think I'll stick to a choccy calendar next time!

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