Beauty: The Candy Coated Countdown

Oh yes. Yes I did. I did indeed get my hands on the most elusive beauty calendar around. Uh huh, hello Benefit Advent Calendar, the Candy Coated Countdown!

Just me start of by saying I do feel decidedly decadent paying £60 for this little treat but look at it! Seriously. After last year's failed attempt, I was prepared this year. The wait list opened a good 2 months before December 1st and I made sure my name was on that list. As the calendars came in earlier than expected, I had to go fetch mid week one November day to avoid it being passed on and sold to another beauty lover. Yep, it's pretty military.

I love that there is something for everyday. Often luxe beauty calendars nly have gifts for every few days. This is so offensive, if I'm spending an obscene amount on an advent calendar I expect a gift every single day! It's big and very sturdy, it's beautifully designed and there is a lot of attention to detail.

So here we are, December 1st. Today's goodie is...drum roll please...
It's cute little heart shaped clips!

Stay tuned, I'll do little updates as December goes on. I am so excited to see what else I uncover in this little box of treasures!

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