Beauty: The Candy Coated Update Pt 3

11th December
Benetint. I've always been quite skeptical about this one, some girls love it some hate it. I'm still somewhere in between...

12th December
Yes, this is what I'm talking about! Total moisture face cream is the one for wintery days, i would definately buy the full size of this. It's gorgeous.

13th December
Hmm Posietint, I don't really know what makes it different to the other "tints", not really a fan I don't think.

14th December
Hair band. Yawn

15th December
I've used Ooh La Lift before and I had forgotten how much I liked it. Such a nice creamy formula, easy to use and a great colour.

16th December
High beam! What a classic. I was OBSESSED with moon bean and it broke my heart when they discontinued it but high beam is a great 2nd choice. Quite pinky but I do love it.

17th December
A notepad. Really. 

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