Beauty: Candy Coated Update

Hello my loves! I thought I'd give you a little update after my first week of the most fabulous beauty advent calendar of them all. After the hardships of actually getting my hands on this beauty, I was expecting a lot from Benefit...and they haven't disappointed!

1st December
Cute little heart paper clips. I was a little surprised as I thought it was going to be all beauty but these are sweet!

2nd December
Lipgloss! Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good lip colour. Sugary pink, not one I might usually go for but sparkly and not too sticky nonetheless.

3rd December
My fave! I'm obsessed with the They're Real mascara so this mini is just uh-mazing! The best mascara on my dressing table and now in my bag too. Perfect.

4th December
Meh...I don't like getting concealer type products in giveaways because they are never my colour. This is "light/medium" so pretty useless for me. The packaging is nice though...

5th December
Eye cream! Ooh I've wanted to try this one for ages, I really like the Benefit skincare stuff. This mini is lovely although the pout is song tiny and my finger is not so tiny..might have to use a cotton bud to get this out.

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  1. If you want to pass on the stay don't stray then you totes can....#justsaying



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