Fitness: Protein World Review

Hi there! A few posts ago I wrote about my purchase of the Slender Blend from Protein World. I said I'd keep you in the loop of my progress so here we are.

I am so happy with this product! For 2 weeks I had it for breakfast everyday mixed with almond milk or sometimes water which was surprisingly delicious. I also tried to have it for lunch too but it's difficult with team lunches and "hey wanna go out for some food"! For snacks I had fruit and oat cakes and 98% of the time I felt like my hunger was kept at bay.

This coupled with exercising every other day or so, I lost half a stone. Way hey! I'm really happy with my progress and I'm sure I'll keep using the Slender Blend. I might wait until Jan to really go for it again though as there are loads of Christmas lunches and parties coming up so I don't think it's worth trying at the moment.

My skin is looking very glowy which I love and since the Slender Blend is the only new thing I'm doing, I'm putting it down to that. I feel fit and healthy and happy.

The chocolate was a great choice and wasn't sickly sweet or funny tasting at all. I am so thrilled with this product, I would recommend it to anyone!

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