Winter Skin Savers

Winter time: cue dry skin and cracked lips. Ugh what stress after weeks of summer (well in England it's more like a day or two) smothering myself in moisturizer. Luckily I have a few tricks up in sleeve to preserve that silky soft summer feeling.

1. Moisturizer- Palmer's Coco Butter Formula
God this stuff is amazing. Rich and creamy and it smells so delicious, I love slathering myself, head to toe in this gorgeous concoction. What delight!

2. Body Wash- Body Shop Vanilla Brulee
Mmm I want to eat this it smells so divine. Buttery and soft, it leaves my skin feeling so soft and silky, the smell is outrageously mouth watering.

3. Face Oil- Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil
I am obsessed! Just before I jump into bed I apply a thin layer all over my face (no moisturizer required beforehand) and I wake up with such soft, luminous skin. Washing it off in the shower feels heavenly. The combination of oils leaves skin so hydrated and fresh looking.

4. Lip Balm- Creme de la Mer The Lip Balm
The most absurdly ridiculously expensive lip balm I have ever come across. (I did get it for free!) but I do have to say, this is like a miracle balm for lips. I keep mine quite warm so it melts onto my lips and softens, soothes, repairs- it's a one stop shop for lips.

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