Wednesday Track & Mini Rant

Wednesday night can only mean one thing. No not Bake Off, that comes after. first it's track! Last night's session was tough with options for those who could run faster. Of course I had to take a shorter one being the slowest in the group. Seriously- the s-l-o-w-e-s-t.

We did,
300m hard with 200m jog recovery x5 =1 set
Run the set once, twice or four times. I went for twice.

1.11, 1.18, 1.23, 1.22, 1.19
1.19, 1.17, 1.18, 1.18, 1.17

It was tough but I felt good. I was hurting quite a lot and as we went on my recovery jogs became walks but I pushed hard for every 300m..

I got quite annoyed at the end though because a man who I don't even know felt the need to come over and tell me how "shit it is running at the back alone". Considering he is in the fastest group, I found this particularly rude. There are 2 groups of runners: the fast and the moderate. I can't keep up with the moderate runners (yet!) so I just run at the back on my own. I am motivated enough to push myself and to keep going even when I'm getting lapped. I find it so irritating that people constantly feel the need to "motivate" me by, quite honestly, just being rude. I am a grown woman- if I didn't want to get better, I wouldn't be there,

Okay that's enough about it, Here's to a good hump day!

Body Pump

Hi hello hi! Monday night is officially body pump night. It's one of the only classes I do at the gm and I absolutely love it. I feel the improvement relatively quickly so I like that I can feel the progress. A strong core makes everything faster and better so I'm hoping for some gains in that area too!

Last night was a really awkward class as my boyfriend's ex girlfriend was there with her REALLY friendly girlfriends. Great! And the air condition still hasn't been fixed (it's been 4 weeks now) so it was hot, sticky and I had an audience. Happy Monday!!

I usually squat around 15kg and do the main set with around 5/7kg. I think I can squat more but I find it really difficult to get the bar onto and off my shoulders when it's heavy. So perhaps I could build some arms strength first....I don't know? I do know that some people who are too busy smirking and squatting 5kg might as well stay on the sofa and not bother. Mm hmm.

Monday Motivation

This sums up my mood today perfectly- I am terrified.

Fitness: Swimming

Last night was swim night...mainly because I had to wash my hair. I never really know what to do when I go swimming. I mean, I know how to swim obviously but what drills/sets/etc. If anyone has any they use or knows where to get some, let me know.

Fitness: Wednesday Track

So last night in the miserable grey rain I headed down to the track. I was tempted to give it a miss as I didn't particularly want to wash my hair (#girlproblems) and it was cold and wet. I was really thinking of giving it a miss when I suddenly thought of my impending marathon and later, half Ironman. "What if it is like this on the day?" - what would I do? Given the amount I've paid, I can hardly pull out due to a bit of rain *sigh*. So off I went.

I struggle with track as the group I run with are amazing. They are sprinting past me, lapping me over and over. It can be quite demoralising sometimes. They are kind though and always encourage me as they glide past. I suppose I am lapping everyone at home on the sofa so I am doing something!

Last night's session was 
2 x 200m with 20 seconds rest (45s, 48s)
6 x 800m with 1 mins rest (3.34s, 3.50s, 3.50s, 4.00s, 4.03s, 3.55s)

It was HARD. 2 laps of the track is such a horrible distance. On the first 400m when you're on that back straight, it's so difficult not to push harder and sprint as you can see the line. You have to really hold back and save your legs for that final 200m when I feel like my legs are lead.

Ironman 70.3 Staffordshire

I haven't written a post for a good few months. In that time I've started a new job and have siged up for a half Ironman. My first one. For the unititated it's a 1.9k swim followed by a 90k bike and finished with a half marathon run of 21k.

I think I've lost my mind.

I thought I'd track my training so that I can see my progress and hopefully inspire other people to push their boundaries and see what they're capable of. I'm hardly super fit but I want to smash this 70.3 race. I've got 10 months so keep an eye out and if you have any tips along the way- let me know!


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