Body Pump

Hi hello hi! Monday night is officially body pump night. It's one of the only classes I do at the gm and I absolutely love it. I feel the improvement relatively quickly so I like that I can feel the progress. A strong core makes everything faster and better so I'm hoping for some gains in that area too!

Last night was a really awkward class as my boyfriend's ex girlfriend was there with her REALLY friendly girlfriends. Great! And the air condition still hasn't been fixed (it's been 4 weeks now) so it was hot, sticky and I had an audience. Happy Monday!!

I usually squat around 15kg and do the main set with around 5/7kg. I think I can squat more but I find it really difficult to get the bar onto and off my shoulders when it's heavy. So perhaps I could build some arms strength first....I don't know? I do know that some people who are too busy smirking and squatting 5kg might as well stay on the sofa and not bother. Mm hmm.

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