Fitness: Swimming

Last night was swim night...mainly because I had to wash my hair. I never really know what to do when I go swimming. I mean, I know how to swim obviously but what drills/sets/etc. If anyone has any they use or knows where to get some, let me know.

I had to swim against the women doing Aqua last night aka The Aqua Tidal Wave. I guess it's good open water practise. HA! So my set was...

100m, 100m pull buoy x3 (1.45, 1.56, 1.54)  (2.05, 2.06, 2.03) 
50m sprint (50s, 51s, 49s, 48s)
100m pull buoy (2.11)
100m (2.05)

Not a bad set but probably not long enough. The water was weirdly freezing and my head wasn't really in it. Pleased with the 100m times as I'm usually the worse side of 2 mins so with some work I'm sure I can get that down. Not bad for a Thursday night after work when I had zero motivation,

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