Fitness: Wednesday Track

So last night in the miserable grey rain I headed down to the track. I was tempted to give it a miss as I didn't particularly want to wash my hair (#girlproblems) and it was cold and wet. I was really thinking of giving it a miss when I suddenly thought of my impending marathon and later, half Ironman. "What if it is like this on the day?" - what would I do? Given the amount I've paid, I can hardly pull out due to a bit of rain *sigh*. So off I went.

I struggle with track as the group I run with are amazing. They are sprinting past me, lapping me over and over. It can be quite demoralising sometimes. They are kind though and always encourage me as they glide past. I suppose I am lapping everyone at home on the sofa so I am doing something!

Last night's session was 
2 x 200m with 20 seconds rest (45s, 48s)
6 x 800m with 1 mins rest (3.34s, 3.50s, 3.50s, 4.00s, 4.03s, 3.55s)

It was HARD. 2 laps of the track is such a horrible distance. On the first 400m when you're on that back straight, it's so difficult not to push harder and sprint as you can see the line. You have to really hold back and save your legs for that final 200m when I feel like my legs are lead.

I did the whole session though which is a first as the coach usually gives me a lesser set so that I finish at the same time as the main group (seriously, I am slow). I felt really proud of that small achievement- don't get me wrong, I finished a whole 2 laps behind everyone else but I did it.

I saw a friend at the end who is a running coach and he said "you're running a lot more efficiently, you look like a runner now" - I'm still beaming! :)

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