Half Marathon

I have entered a half marathon. It is in 11 days. Yes you read that correctly, 11 days. Less than 2 weeks. I have been running around 10k a week so I mean, it's just a piddly little 11k more, right?!

Sooo....I entered because I wanted to gauge my fitness and running ability. As you may know I am running my first marathon in April and while it is still far to early to start training, I'm keen to build up my fitness and get comfortable running long distances. I don't think there's anything wrong with starting early as long as you make sure you don't burn out.

I want to comfortably be running 20/25k by Christmas so when Jan rolls around, I can step it up with a good level of base fitness and more importantly, a strong belief in my ability.

I did 13.1k last night and I wished it was 13.1 miles. It hurt quite a bit for the first 4k which is strange as I can run 5k no problem. By the time I got to 7k, I was much slower but it felt a lot easier and I was quite happy bopping along to the beat of Nicki Minaj.I got that boom-ba-doom-boom-superbass...

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