LSR: Long Slow Run

Oh yikes, I hadn't done one of these in a good 6 months! The night before I went for a meal with my family and boyfriend cue 2 courses AND a pudding so I wasn't exactly feeling it.

My boyfriend, Anthony is a great runner (I think it's because his legs are so long!). He kindly offered to run with me which I love as following his nice bottom makes running so much easier! We went for an off road 15k. Baaahhh so I'm not going to lie to you, after 3k I started crying. I was hurting so much and I felt so fat and slow. You know what I'm talking 'bout- my legs just were not moving. I felt so irritated as I've been doing track sessions and quite a few weekly Parkruns so not being about to run 3k felt like the end of the world. I was so demoralised and the thought of a marathon was weighing had on my mind and I couldn't help but make a cry face to rival Kim K's.

I think that part of the problem is that I compare myself to my friends who are much quicker than I am. They have been doing it for longer and have built up a lot of speed and endurance which I just don't have yet.

Anthony is quite no nonsense and gave me a sharp word about my lack of positive mental attitude. I guess he is right. I don't have much faith in myself and I am without doubt my own worst critic. It was annoying how right he was because after I wiped my face, I was fine to carry on and only really started hurting around the 13k point. I hadn't eaten breakfast and my tummy was rumbling SO hard. At that point, I will admit I gave up. I continued on- mainly because there are no short-cuts back to the car- but I was completely checked out.

So the take away from today's LSR
- eat breakfast
- have some faith in myself
- acknowledge that everyone has to start somewhere!

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