Reigate Half Marathon

It all started off so well- the sun was shining (which was a good thing considering my outfit choice of a vest and shorts!), I was with my new running group who were all so encouraging and enthusiastic which was lovely as I was there on my own. The first 1k was uphill and I mean a sharp uphill. It came and went fine, I was actually happy with my pace which normally never happens. I felt good, seriously good. It didn't feel like it's usual struggle and I was maintaining a steady pace of around 5.20/km which isn't bad for me.

Then it got to the 8k mark and it was the beginning of the end. Everything started hurting, I had to stop and walk which I hate doing especially as I know I can run at least 10k without stopping! My knee started to hurt and then my ankle. I don't know if it was more mental or physical but I just struggled to keep going.

However, go on I did. Around 18k the terrain changed. It went from tarmac roads to running on a heavy, dense mud-like trail. OH GOD. Every step felt like it weighed a ton. Lifting my legs felt so arduous and draining. I kept going and seeing the end of this section filled me with joy. It was short lived.

Anyone who has run this half marathon will know mile 12. Mile 12 is "Bosh Hill" but I think they should rename it "Haha Suckers, You Thought It Was Nearly Over...Fools". The bloody thing was vertical. It was so steep that if I'd been on my bike, I'm certain I would have rolled backwards.

I saw an (unfriendly) lady from my gym just behind me and all of my competitiveness kicked in. My knee was throbbing by now but I was dammed if I was going to endure the humiliation of having her run past me. My last km was nearly 2mins quicker than the ones before it. I saw the last 500m and sprinted to the end,

Overall I was pretty disappointed with my time. I ran it in 2hrs 11 which is the EXACT same time I did my first Half in back in Feb. I'm upset that in the 7 months between them I haven't improved by even a second. I've got my next Half in Feb so I'm really going to work on getting that time down and making some gains. I hope some of my friends/family/boyfriend will come and cheer at the next one as that makes such a difference. I wore a top with my name on for the first time and I was so lovely to hear people calling out my name and willing me on.

Thanks to Run Reigate for a brilliant event; clearly marked course, amazing marshals and great atmosphere. Thanks to everyone who cheered my name and well done to all the runners!

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