Dreamy Autumn Nails

I'm sorry for the lack of anything but fitness and training recently. I wish I could say that I was doing other things but between training and a new job, it's been madness. I did pick up a beautiful new nail colour the other day (which is basically the same shade as every other colour I own!) and I am loving the Kylie Jenner vibes.

A Red Kiss

If you are a girl with Indian/darker skin, it's difficult to find a bold red lip that doesn't make you look like you're in drag. Fact.

It's not an easy task but I am a girl on a mission. I love a bright, bold red lip especially in colder months as it just stands out and looks so glamorous. I found these lippys which definitely do the trick without making you look manly. I've gone for reds with an orange undertone as they work well with a darker skin tone to give a vibrant colour.

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