2016; Races, Results and Milestones

134 hours. 1,399.3 km. 137 personal records.
Like I did last year, I thought I'd go back over some of my best bits from this year. It's a good way to finish the year and it's a great little motivational boost for the year to come.

Nike Power Speed Leggings

I'm not one for long leggings at all. I have 2 pairs which I only wear when it is really really cold; one black pair bought while I was at uni in 2010 and one beautiful autumnal pair I got last Christmas. I don't really get excited by leggings, I'm more of a shorts girl but when I saw these leggings in Nike- I just had to have them!

Olympic Park 10k

My very last race of the year and where better than a place that has inspired me so much. Where I watched my hero Mo Farah storm to a supreme victory in the 5 and 10k. Uh huh, the Olympic Park was the venue. 10k was the distance and I was really gunning for a PB!

Trail Running

Recently you've probably heard me talk a lot about trail running. It's replacing my love for road running fast but why, what's the appeal. Actually, what is it? And if you're training for a marathon that's run on the road- why are you bothering? All good questions...

Vlog #18 | Legs at the Gym & Final NRC of the Year

This week started off well with a tough gym session focusing on legs. I went to the final Nike Run club of the year which as always, was brilliant fun. I had my last day at work and went out with some of Anthony's friends who hate blogging and bloggers. Gulp!

How to Layer

If you live in England, you'll understand me when I say- how the heck are you meant to get dressed in the autumn/winter? One day it'll be cold, the next glorious sun and the day after it'll be raining in the morning and then lovely in the afternoon with a chance of snow by the evening! As I've learnt, it's all about the layers and knowing what kind of run you're doing.

Salomon Trail Shoes

I can already hear my mum's voice, "Aneesha, do you really need more shoes?!” Yes actually mum I do, I believe the widey used rule is n+1 (the same rules applies for bikes and handbags FYI). Besides these aren't just shoes or specifically trainers. These are trail shoes, for adventures!

Vlog #17 | I Am Bolt Premiere & Sussex XC League

Such a brilliant week! I won tickets to the I Am Bolt movie premiere in Leicester Square (I also wrote a blog post about this, here). It was a great movie about Bolt leading up to his incredible feat at the 2016 Rio Olympics. We met Mo Farah who is my hero so I couldn't really have asked for a better night! At the track it was freezing but I'm glad it lead to me running my first cross country race on Saturday for Crawley AC!

I Am Bolt

"Type your name and a friend's below for a chance of winning 2 tickets to the world premiere of I Am Bolt" It all started with an Instagram post...I never really win anything so to win this one was super exciting! One of the greatest sportsmen of all time, Usain Bolt, had a movie coming out and I was going to the premiere!

Round Up: November

This must be my favourite time of the year for running and training hard. In the cold when you're wrapped up in around 10 layers? Yup. I love that feeling of the cold wind on my face and inhaling deep icy air. I do agree- there might be something wrong with me- but it just feels so good. More than anything though, some good winter training not only sets you up for some good races in the Spring but it means you can eat all that Christmas choccy without a shred of guilt!

Vlog #16 | Tummy Aches!

Not a very good week, I've had some serious tummy ache! I have tried to get on with it though and did a trail run, some of a track session and had an epic fail at the gym with the leg machine! A hair cut and some love from my mum has helped though :)

Running Books

I love reading, it's one of my favourite things to do! It fills me with such sadness when I hear people announce quite proudly, "I haven't read a book since I left school". WhaaaT?! There's nothing better, in my opinion, than curling up with a good book and a cup of tea! Recently I've read a few great running books, (which make good Christmas pressies!) here's what I've been reading and what I've thought.

Vlog #15

I can only apologize for the lack of video last week and this week's patchy footage. My camera has really decided to give up on me and the battery is failing fast!
Despite this I had some great news this week, I got a new job! I also found some serious speed at the track and at the Nike run where I also saw my friend and got a free tee, yay! We did the Mannequin Challenge and I shopped like there was no tomorrow!

Flash! Ahh...

Dark nights, remember your lights! I actually really enjoy running on a cold, dark evening. Seriously, that wasn't sarcastic at all. It's nice being wrapped up and having the cold air hit you. As I live in the counryside, it get very dark as the street lights are few are far between. I am always weary of cars speeding past and I do worry that will hit me. Well not any more! Flash...

No Vlog this week

Hey guys, I'm sorry there's no vlog this week. I had such a crazy week and hardly did anything in the end. I have something exciting that I can share with you next week but other than that my cousin had a baby which derailed all my training as you know I can't resist a baby and I was really poorly on Sunday. I did film some bits here and there but my camera has given up a little so I'm looking for a new one too. I'm sorry! I'll be back next week with a longer vid so in the meantime- have a lovely week, train hard and have fun!
-A x

Winter Run Essentials

It is bloody freezing in England right now. It is so very cold and it is so tempting to just stay indoors and get cosy by the fireplace and not do anything. Winter training is essential, it makes you tougher both mentally and physically and building a good base sets you up to perform a your best when Spring comes around. So how do you pluck up the courage to get out and get going?

Vlog #14 | Diwali, Never Stop London's 1st Birthday & FAST Running

It's been Diwali this week! What fun it's been celebrating with all of my family doing traditional stuff as well as that time of Indian fave of...going for a roast! Temple filming was shaky as you're not really supposed to film there but it was lovely to see my granddad come out of hospital, to celebrate The North Face, Never Stop London's first birthday and to run some FAST kilometers!

Coming Back from an Injury

It’s never easy to come back after an injury. Depending on the severity of it you might have lost fitness, motivation or confidence...maybe all 3! Trust me I know. 3 weeks before my big race, my worst nightmare came true when I didn’t unclip from my bike in time and broke my wrist.

Round Up: October

10 months down on the year, only 2 more to go! Such a good month for getting back into running and finding my groove again. More than anything just falling back in love with running and that slightly burny feeling that treads the lines between pain and pleasure. Marathon training is officially on!

Vlog #13

What a busy week! I went to a food tasting at Skylon on the Southbank and a play with my friend, Emma. Training thrown in and I was shattered!

Nike Run Club

My absolute favourite brand, Nike. They are without doubt the biggest and best sports clothing brand in the world. I'd known for a while that they ran run sessions from various stores worldwide but I'd never been to one. When my friend David, asked if I wanted to go with him, I finally took the plunge!

Joining a Track Session

TRACK. It sounds like something for the elite, speedy few. It can be quite intimidating showing up for the first time and I won't lie, I felt the same. I was terrified. It took me a while to work up the courage to go at all. But as always, I'm glad that I did!

So You Want to be a Runner?

No weekly vlog this week, instead I talk a little about what I think you should do if you're thinking of taking up running!

How to Buy a Bike

Bike shopping! If you're like me you have no idea where to begin and you just go the prettiest bike that matches your kit. You will likely love it at first and take plenty of gorgeous Instagram worthy photos but soon you'll find all the things wrong with it and then people will start to tell you what you should have bought. D'oh!

Why You Should Keep a Training Diary

Probably one of my fave posts to write! It's not often you finish a training session and think of all the positives. It almost always hurts and there's always something to improve on. As human we love to focus on the negative so we rarely reflect on all the progress we've made. I love to look back over my sessions and see how far I've come.

Vlog #12

I went to check out the launch of the Nike Mag shoes, self tying laces inspired by the film Back To The Future. The only way to get your hands on them is to buy a £10 ticket where proceeds go towards finding a cure for Parkinson's- the disease suffered by so many included the original shoe wearer, Marty McFly aka Michael J Fox. A supreme innovation from my fave brand- The Future is Now.

Keeping Skin Hydrated

I don’t think there are many people out there particularly enjoy the feeling of rough skin. There’s nothing nicer than baby soft skin that looks plump and smooth. Unfortunately being out in the cold a lot and activities like swimming can stop skin looking and feeling as gorgeous as it should.

Why you Need a Sports Massage

"Erm...I know my times are seriously speedy (hahaha) but I hate it break it to you- I'm not a pro athlete!" - this was my response when someone told me I should be getting regular sports massages. It's not something for us regular people, just trying to get round a marathon or knock a second or two off a half marathon time, I thought. Oh how wrong I was.

Vlog #10/11

I'm sorry for the lack of upload last week! I had a problem with my laptop so a bit more footage in this week's vid than usual. I can't believe I've made 10 weeks worth of Vlogs! A pretty quiet week to be honest but some good training sessions. I loved my friend's gig the week before and I have to say, I'm so proud of her. Some good runs with this and even a swim!

Post Swim Face Mask

If I could swim and not experience any of the adverse effects of chlorine, I'd be on to a winner! It leaves my hair in an absolute state, my nail varnish always ruins and my skin is left feeling so dry. Luckily the Body Shop have found the solution to at least one of my problems! And I might add, this isn't just for women. A lot of men have very dry and dull looking skin especially those who swim a lot and this could be just what your skin needs so keep reading!

Round Up: September

I love September, it's just a great month to take stock as it's sort of mid year and start new things with a renewed sense of purpose. This month I pinned up my new wall planner and started to get back on some training although it was rudely interrupted with a bad case of the cold which left me in bed for a good week!

Surround Yourself with Positivity

Jim Rohn once said that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. I work in relationship marketing and it is clear that those who surround themselves with success and happiness, are successful and happy people.

Vlog #9

A very busy week considering I have been so poorly! Starting with a trip to Brighton to see the new i360 eye then a spa day with my mum and finished the week with a shopping trip to Bicester!

Joining a Swim Group

In the word's of Dory, "just keep swimming!". I'm on a mission to get my fitness back and part of that includes stepping up my swim! My front crawl needs to become less crawl and more of a speedy power swim so no small challenge there. As usual!

Backpackin' Babe

I've always been one of those girls who carried her bag in the crook of her arm. I look after the damn thing better than I might a child sometimes; I don't put it on the ground, I'm super gentle with it...you know what I mean! So it came as a total shock to me when I fell in love with a backpack!

Vlog #8

A week where I had to rewind a bit! A fun run with my mum which was brilliant and exactly that, fun! Some working out in the garden with my PT and trying some purple carrots.

Take It All Off

There's nothing like coming home and going about your little routine: trakkies on, jewels off, hair in a pineapple on top of your head and make up off. I have been using this little gem for quite a while now and it's such a good product that literally does exactly what it says, Take the Day Off.

Never Stop London

The North Face, synonymous with adventure, exploration and the outdoors. When I found out about a new North Face store on Regents Street, I was all over Google checking it out. Then I found out that they ran weekly mountain athletics training sessions And the best part, they're free! Obviously I had to go and try it out. I tried to persuade a friend to come with me so I would have a buddy but as usual no one was interested so alone I went. 

Race Planing Part 2

I love planning and I love stationary so it only seemed natural to put the two together! I spoke in a previous post about the races I was planning and what was on my mind so after committing and deciding what I wanted, I thought I'd better make a plan.

Essentials to Get Started

It's September; the days are getting shorter, pumpkin spiced lattes are back (fist pump!) and it feels like a time for change. I don't know why but around about this time when it always feels like I should be going back to school, even though I left around 8 years ago, I always find myself making changes and starting new things.

So if you're thinking about starting running, here are a few essentials you might want to think about to get you started, And before you say anything, you can do it!

Vlog #6

Hi there! This week we had a surprise birthday party for my dad who was 60. It was bank holiday weekend so I tried some cooking and attempted to teach my niece how to ride a bike. I avoided the gym like the plague by working out in the garden and yep, that photo is of a camera cake and it was amazing!

Round Up: August

This month has been quite up and down. Emotionally I've felt quite all over the place with some days feeling like I could be in the Olympics and others when I struggled to get out of bed. The Olympics have been incredible and so inspiring. I've gotten back into training slowly this month and while I miss my fitness levels, it does feel good.

Vlog #5

Such a good week! A little heatwave hit England, I went to a 3rd birthday party and I tried a The North Face run session in the park which was tough in the sun! I also had my first ever experience of a tanning shop, not sure I'll be going back...!

Salomon Hydration Pack

I don't know why but calling something a "hydration pack" sounds so serious. It makes your run around the park sound like you're canvassing through the wilderness. I quite like it, makes me feel very hardcore! I am quite late to the party but I bought the Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra Set hydration vest from Wiggle and I'm not sure what to make of it.

Vlog #4

A shorter vlog this week; some exploration of the beautiful trails around Box Hill and Leith Hill. A little training but I felt quite ill in the week so a shorter video than usual but I'll be back next week!

The London Aquatics Centre

I have been dying to go to the Olympic pool since it opened (in March 2014!) and I finally got the opportunity to go with my friend, Emma. I can honestly say it was great!

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