Cold Run // Distance Reality Check

Happy Friday! The first week of work in the new year feels like the longest week of all time and I am so happy to finally see Friday. It's taken a cold, cold turn here in England but training continues to plough on. Joy.

Last night after work I was so exhausted and it was absolutely freezing. After enjoying a December where temperatures barely dropped below 10 degrees, yesterday's 5 degrees with the addition of icy winds was not a welcome change. I knew I had to run in the evening so the whole day I kept mentally reminding myself and told myself not to linger in the warm house for too long after I got home. Quick change and go.

I got home and realised I'd have to wear almost everything I owned to stay warm. So it was a case of,

high-vis jacket
long socks
headband x2
neck warmer/balaclava
head torch

Yep, I was basically a Ninja Michelin Man, Starting was without doubt the worst part. After I got into my groove I started to numb to the cold. I tried a slight variation on my usual 10k(ish) run as I was hoping for 13/15k. I was so annoyed at the end to find I had only run 12k! It felt like I'd been running for hours!!

I think last night is when it really hit me just how far a marathon is. I'd have to run last night's route around 4 times to get up to 26 miles. Arggggghhhh. I told home and looked online and it is roughly from my house to Brighton. A drive that takes around 25 mins. 25 mins in a car. Oh god.

So trying to take some positives out of the run; I can run in the cold, I ran up a hill I've never run all the way to the top of before (see graph below, it's the long vertical one on the end!) and I am now semi-fully aware of the mammoth task ahead. I think I'll not focus on that last point but keep trying to built up. After all, a 12k run a couple of months ago would have been a major achievement for me!

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