I recently went running with the Running Club at my local gym and at the end, one lady said "you're amazing, you didn't say what a brilliant runner you are". I genuinely looked behind me to see who she was talking to and I was honestly shocked to realise, it was me! Me!

It was so lovely to hear after weeks/months of plugging in long runs, intervals, hills blah blah. I've never been the faster or the best and when I run in a group I am usually at the back, on my own. I don't consider myself a good or a strong runner by any means. It was such a shock to hear that it really got me thinking about perspective.

I usually run on my own or sometimes with friends. After that lady's words I started thinking, maybe I'm not slow but maybe my friends/what I expect from myself is just faster? Of course you don't need to compare yourself to anyone but yourself but let's be honest, that's much easier said than done. I read a cheesy quote saying "look in the mirror, that's your competition" and I guess it resonated enough for me to remember it. You only need to be faster or stronger than the person you were the day before.

Less focus on what the world is doing, more focus on me! Looking back at 2015, I am a much better, faster and more confident runner than I was at the begging of the year. I might not be Mo Farah (yet!) but I've definitely improved.

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