Round Up: March

Is it really the end of March already? Eeek the month has flown by and thanks to the clocks changing, it feels like it's gone by even quicker than usual. March has been a brilliant month for training, with 72 days to go until the Half Ironman, I'm starting to feel a little more prepared.

Swimathon; Part 2

Swimathon has come and gone and I said I'd update you so...

My team, the 6 of us, rolled into the pool around 6pm. It was so lovely to see so many different types of people. Not everyone was a pro athlete; there were people going for fast times, some doing it for a laugh and others who were really pushing themselves to swim 25m.

Marathon Update

It is with such a heavy heart (and a crappy injury ridden leg!) that I have decided to defer my Marathon place for this year. I'm not feeling much better and with the Half Ironman being my main priority, I'm going to pull out and focus on that. I'm so upset as I was so looking forward to it and had been training hard for it. Oh well, will have to be a marathon runner in 2017!


Happy Friday! I love a Friday as it's a day I can work from home so it means I can usually get a swim done in the morning. As well as training for the half Ironman, I've been putting in some pool time for a Swimathon I'm doing on Good Friday.

Cycling; One Hand at a Time

I went cycling! I froze my padded butt off, I wore my trainers instead of my bike shoes and there may have been a tiny tear (or two) but I did it!

So last Saturday I went for a ride with the Crawley Wheelers (sadly they weren't leather clad, tattooed riders as the name might would suggest!) but they were very welcoming and friendly. They have several rides on a Saturday,

Bike Fit

So you may have noticed that I don't ever really talk about cycling. Want to know a secret? It's because I hate it. Yes I hate cycling. I love my beautiful celeste and pink bike but the actual pedalling...meh not so much.

Running Injury

SERIOUSLY. WHY?! Why would I hurt myself with less than 6 weeks to go before the marathon? I went for a LSR (long slow run) on Sunday with the aim of running around 25/30k. I felt my knee wobble and before I knew it, I was limping with tears streaming down my face.

I ran a solid(ish) 8k before I felt my right knee hurting. Historically I've always had problems with my left knee and the IT Band on my left side. The right side was throbbing so I stopped, stretched and tried walking a little. No matter how much I tried, nothing helped. It was getting worse and worse so after 14k of pain, I called my mum for an emergency rescue. Thank god, I have the most amazing mum in the world with truly brilliant knowledge of every back road around where we live.

I've been to see the osteopath on a friend's recommendation and she doesn't seem to think it's a problem. She is certain she can sort it out for me. I just feel a bit downcast; I've barely run over 21k so I feel so under prepared. I'm not sure if I should defer my marathon place and focus on the half ironman or push through...oh decisions....

Brighton Half Marathon

The first race of the year! I've been sick for around 6 weeks since I got back from India. I travelled to Costa Rica with my friend Emma (who has been blogging about our trip here) and was sick there. I cam home to bloody awful cold weather and tried to plough on with training. I almost considered not running the Half.

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