Cycling; One Hand at a Time

I went cycling! I froze my padded butt off, I wore my trainers instead of my bike shoes and there may have been a tiny tear (or two) but I did it!

So last Saturday I went for a ride with the Crawley Wheelers (sadly they weren't leather clad, tattooed riders as the name might would suggest!) but they were very welcoming and friendly. They have several rides on a Saturday,

So the Wheelers were very kind and very helpful. One of the really helpful tips, Steve gave me was when I asked (embarrassed), "how do I take a drink when I'm on the bike?" Ok so this sounds really easy but it's really not. Every time I release my death grip the bike serves all over the place. He's what he suggested,

1. Ride with your hands on the long straight bit of the handlebars, closest to you
2. Now lift one hand up at a time and practising riding with one hand. Keep the other hand hoovering over the top so it's not too far away if you need it.1. Ride holding the front of the handbars on the long straight bit closest to you
3. Ok so now you can ride with one hand, try reaching down and touching your bottle
4. Pick up the drink and swig!
The kind of drink I'd prefer
So when it's written like that it sounds like a piece of cake. I think the idea is that it takes a bit of time to get used to each step. I tried riding on a straight flat bit, lifting one hand at a time. Lifting my right hand is most definitely easier, probably as I'm right handed. It was helpful for me to see the logical progression of how to take a drink as a few people I'd asked before said "just drop down and take one". Yes very helpful indeed.....!

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