Round Up: March

Is it really the end of March already? Eeek the month has flown by and thanks to the clocks changing, it feels like it's gone by even quicker than usual. March has been a brilliant month for training, with 72 days to go until the Half Ironman, I'm starting to feel a little more prepared.

Swim - 6hrs 27 - 10,075km
Felt good to get back to the pool. A mix of drills with paddles, pull bouys and bands and continual swimming has got me feeling positive. I did a practice of the half iron distance (1.9k) and it took me 40mins so I'm hopeful that I can knock a few mins off that by June.

Bike - 12hrs 34 - 133.15km
A mix of spin inside, brick sessions (also inside) and a few outside cycles. I'm feeling much better about this as it's by far my worst part. The brick sessions (cycle then run) and indoor Spin classes have got my legs feeling stronger. Just need to work on some speed and confidence out on the road.

Run - 7hrs 04 - 70.95km
Again a mix of treadmill and outside runs. I've been plagued by a knee injury this month and pulling out of the marathon after an epic half marathon last month has been really tough mentally and physically. After (burning money) going to Osteopaths and Physios, it's starting to feel a bit better but I'm so aware of my injury and of making it worse. I need to just get on it with 'cause after the swim and bike, it's still a half marathon to finish!

What else?
I've started doing yoga to help with flexibility and stretching. It's been really good so far and much more difficult than I thought. I hope it relives some of the tension in my legs too which should keep me injury free. I've been trying to eat better foods too introducing more seeds into my diet (flax, pumpkin, sunflower, chia) and more grains. I'm feeling more energetic and having given up alcohol at the beginning of the year, I'm enjoying feeling least until I've done a workout or two!

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