Running Injury

SERIOUSLY. WHY?! Why would I hurt myself with less than 6 weeks to go before the marathon? I went for a LSR (long slow run) on Sunday with the aim of running around 25/30k. I felt my knee wobble and before I knew it, I was limping with tears streaming down my face.

I ran a solid(ish) 8k before I felt my right knee hurting. Historically I've always had problems with my left knee and the IT Band on my left side. The right side was throbbing so I stopped, stretched and tried walking a little. No matter how much I tried, nothing helped. It was getting worse and worse so after 14k of pain, I called my mum for an emergency rescue. Thank god, I have the most amazing mum in the world with truly brilliant knowledge of every back road around where we live.

I've been to see the osteopath on a friend's recommendation and she doesn't seem to think it's a problem. She is certain she can sort it out for me. I just feel a bit downcast; I've barely run over 21k so I feel so under prepared. I'm not sure if I should defer my marathon place and focus on the half ironman or push through...oh decisions....

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