Swimathon; Part 2

Swimathon has come and gone and I said I'd update you so...

My team, the 6 of us, rolled into the pool around 6pm. It was so lovely to see so many different types of people. Not everyone was a pro athlete; there were people going for fast times, some doing it for a laugh and others who were really pushing themselves to swim 25m.

We had 3 at each end and as the starting klaxon sounded, our first team member (and organiser, Kieran) dove in and got the ball rolling. We swam 25m each and then a team mate took over. I thought we'd have quite a long rest period but my 25m turn kept rolling around quicker and quicker everytime. It was great fun to dive in from the blocks as this is something I haven't done since my swimming clubs days around 10 years ago!

I tried to treat it like a sprint/interval session so I went hard on my 25m slot and tried to recover at each end, We had a mixture of freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke from our team which after 1 hour, gave us a total of 144 lengths. Not quite the 150 we were hoping for but a valiant effort nonetheless. We raised £748 for the wonderful Neil's Club which made the red thighs (from my sort of belly flop dive until I remembered how!) worth it!

I couldn't take any photos there as those are the pool rules but I'm sure you're sick of Aneesha P selfies so sorry about that!! But if you're feeling generous, please donate to Neil's Club via the link below. As I wrote before in my first post, it's an absolutely brilliant cause and the reps who came to Swimathon were just fabulous so please help if you can! :)


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