Hydrated Skin Post Swim

Eurgh you know exactly what I'm talking about. After a late night swim, you literally crawl into bed and you're out for the count and it's only when you look at your legs/arms/face in the morning do you see the chlorine damage. Your skin is as dry as the desert and it's not an attractive look.

Not only can Chlorine damage the skin but it can cause premature signs of ageing. When you have that hot post swim shower, your pores open up and allow the chlorine to seep right in. It can strip the skin of its natural oils and this causes skin to dry and crack which can lead to wrinkles.

Ok so prevention! Firstly I try and blast a bit of cold water on me when I first get in the shower post swim. Usually I've been working hard so the cold water is welcome and refreshing. I love to lather myself in moisturiser and try and do this twice a day; morning and night. I adore Palmers Cocoa Butter which is ultra hydrating and nourishing. It soothes dry skin and smells delicious without being thick and greasy.

For my face, I like to use Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. It's a little pricey but before bed, works a treat. It's packed with essential oils which hydrate skin and leave it looking younger and feeling softer. I like this as I feel like it replaces a lot of the oils I lose when I'm swimming. It's so hydrating and I adore that I can put it on before bed and wake up with fresher skin. 

Take that Chlorine!

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