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Swimming is great exercise and so much fun but most girls will know, it can also cause a lot of damage to your hair. Here are a few things I've learnt over the last 20 odd years that I've been swimming that have helped keep my hair in great condition; no mean feat considering I swim a lot!

  • Oil it up
I love using oils like coconut or argan oil to keep my hair super hydrated and healthy. I love using Moroccan Oil but it can be quite pricey so I mix it up with Vita Coco and L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil too. I usually squirt a little into my palms and run it through my hair focusing on the ends. If I can I sleep with it in overnight and wash out in the morning.

  • Water first
When your hair gets wet it absorbs all the chlorine in the pool. If you get it wet first in the shower, it is less porous and will absorb less when you get in the pool. Just make sure that if you shower first (which you should always do anyway when you get in the pool!) you shower with coldish water. If you are getting in a hot shower, the pool will feel freezing!

  • Protection
Ok so there aren't many ways to wear a swim hat and not look like a condom head but it's not a fashion accessory. Just get the thing on and it'll protect your hair from the full effect of being enveloped in chlorine for the length of your swim.

  • Shampoo it out
Using a strong chlorine removing shampoo with do the most for your hair. I use Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three which is great at getting it all out. It's a little pricey so when I'm not feeling spendy, I use the Boots Sun, Swim & Gym. It's a nice little product which does the job and smells great.

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