T-minus 2 months!

Yesterday marked 2 months to race day! AHHH how quick has that come around?!

In a moment of wonderfully timed motivation, my brand new race day tri suit arrived too! I am in love with it. It took around a month and a half to become available but it was more than worth the wait. Here I am adopting my fave super-posery pose with my trusty steed.

Since I began training, I've
Swam: 28,275 meters
Biked: 360 km
Run: 402 km

Ok so less than 60 days to go. No more time to doubt myself, I need to cranck it up again this month before I begin to taper. It's getting very real now and as much as the nerves are increasing. I'm also feeling a lot more confident and less of an impending sense of doom but more one of enjoyment. I think the race suit is helping as I don't want to take it off and I feel like a BADASS wearing it!

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