The Best Cream You've Never Heard Of

It's a known thing, that runners have gross feet. Usually cracked, black toes and looking severely dehydrated. This doesn't have to be the case though!

I was given this cream , by Udderly Smooth, as a gift and it is one of the best creams I've used. It's primary purpose is as chamois cream to prevent chaffing for cyclists. Whilst it does this job, it has also really helped my feet stop looking like those of a dehydrated Hobbit.

It's very rich and creamy but not sticky and absorbs quickly. It's got urea in so it's extra moisturising. It's fragrance free and does have a bit of a medical smell but nothing that would put you off using it. I've done some research and it's very popular among cancer patients as it's super hydrating.

I absolutely love it and it's got my feet feeling super soft and smooth. When I'm cycling, it stops any kind of discomfort. It's a great little product and is definitely going to be a repeat purchase!

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