Mizuno Wave Inspire 12

I've always been a Brooks girl. Since I got a gait analysis done and found that my naff technique was impacting my knees, I've always gone for Brooks trainers. They support my feet, counter act my weird balance issues and look pretty decent.

However I recently went for a new pair and bought something new! I've always bought neutral support shoes but after a close inspection of my current trainers, the guy at Runners World recommended that I needed more support. Apparently after weeks/months of pounding the pavement my arch has flattened a bit and I need something with a bit more oompf (to use all the technical terms).

He brought out a pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 12s. First things first- they look gorgeous!! Anything pink or purple (or even remotely girly looking) and I'm there. Aesthetics aside, when I put them on, I was truck by how firm they are. The sole is very solid and the heel bit is very cushiony. I like this a lot. I felt so bouncy in them and doing a little test run on the street, I couldn't believe how springy they were. 

They are heavier than my current Brooks Ghosts and in general, heavier than most shoes I've worn. I don't mind too much actually as they really support my foot. I love how bouncy they are and how springy my run feels. The blister I've been nursing on the inside of my foot doesn't hurt at all in them. I am very happy with them and they'll match the rest of my kit which, let's be honest, is the most important thing! :)

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