Round Up: April

Okay so April must have been around 2 weeks long because it has flown by! Lots of training this month but also lots of rain (and snow??) so haven't been out as much as I should have. I've been following a bit more a swim plan so I feel like my swim is getting stronger and faster and the bike is actually coming on too! Hooray!

Swim - 8hrs 30 - 20,175m
I've been following some modified swim sets from the book IronFit. I think the mix of drills for my first 2 swims of the week combined with one solid distance swim has been helping my performance overall. I've been feeling much better in the pool but I'm so aware that the open water is going to be freezing. Usually my fave part of the race, I'm quite dreading the icy swim. A bit of aqua running too which is harder than it looks.

Bike - 9hrs 51 - 155.62km
Pedal pedal, focus focus, try not to die...Cycling has massively improved this month. I've been out in my bike shoes and eating/drinking on the bike which are all firsts for me. I feel like I'm making more progress now the sun is out and I can get out of the house and go. Feeling much more confident and actually quite enjoying it when it's not too cold or I'm afraid that a car will hit me!

Run - 7hrs 45 - 70.18km
Not much running this month which is disappointing. New trainers to wear in and more focus on cycling has pushed running to the bottom of my training list. With a 10k race at the end of May, I'll certainly be looking for more speed and a few long runs in May.

What else?
I proudly watched by boyfriend run an epic 3 hours 21 marathon! I am so excited to run this race next year, I doubt I'll get near that time but I've got a year to work on it! I had a great time trail running and it's definitely something I want to do more of. I've been doing a lot of research and a lot of my endurance athlete idols (yes I just wrote that) are vegan and live on a plant based diet. As someone who loves a steak and has been chowing down as much animal protein as she can get her hands on, I find this so interesting. I'm going to look into it a little as a few tweeks might really help my endurance as I do get tired quite quickly. Will report back!

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