Run Socks by Balega

They don't seem like an important part of the process but they're mightier than they credit for! Most runners take a lot of time and spend a lot of money picking the perfect shoe but they often overlook the sock. But why?! It's the friction and heat that causes blisters and those can be solved with the right sock.

So what should you look for when picking running socks? For me, I go for,

1. Thickness. I like a sock that's relatively thick. Thinner socks irritate the heck out of them and feel slippery on m skin but it's totally a preference thing. Try and a few to see what works best for you.

2. Material. The guy at the Runners World told me to go for something with moisture wicking fibre which was amazing advice, Wicking away the sweat keeps feet dry which stops blisters. Cotton socks will not do the trick!

3. Height. Sounds weird right? I like socks that come up to my ankle. you wouldn't believe how much stick I get from my boyfriend and friends for them but it's what I like. Whether it's ankle socks, little no show ones or knee high- go with what feels best not what looks best.

I personally love any running socks by Balega. They are super comfy and keep my feet feeling fresh and dry. They are a little pricey (£12 for 1 pair!) but I'd rather spend more on my shoes and socks and less on something like shorts. I rarely get blisters and I am quite sure, it's down to the socks and shoe combo!

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