The First Triathlon

I remember my first triathlon in 2013. I was so nervous about everything; what do I wear, is my bike the right kind of bike, do I wear a bra as well for the run and that was not forgetting the actual swim, bike, run!

Well here are a few bits of kit that should help banish some of those nerves and keep you focused on the race ahead. I wish I'd had someone to tell me these things but you feel your way around and no matter what, you're never the most daft looking person there!

1. The Tri Suit
I would recommend buying one of these as they make a huge difference and it's the only bit of kit that will be with you from start to finish. I'd go for a 2 piece as they are a little more comfy and good if you're nervous and need a quick dash to the loo! The quick drying material is essential after the swim and the padded shorts make the world of difference on the bike.
(P.s you don't need to wear knickers/bikini bottoms, sports bras or anything in fact under a decent tri suit!)

2. The Race Belt
Such a humble bit of kit yet so important. You're swimming, then biking then running- there is no time for faffing with safety pins or magnetic race numbers. Simply clip this around your waist for the bike (make sure the number is on the back) and then twizzle around so the numbers at the front for the run. A tip I've learnt is to scrunch up the race number a the start and it'll stop it from flapping around in the wind.

3. Chamois Cream
Oh yeah, get this on you before you pull up your shorts. You will know why it's important if you don't use it and you'll never not use it again!

4. Elastic Laces
When you come in off the bike, the last thing you want to be doing is bending over and tying up laces. These elastic laces have a springy tie in place of the bow you'd usually make so slip your trainers on, give them a tug and you're good to go!

Smile for the photographers. Smile for the spectators cheering you on. Smile at your fellow competitors- it's not the Olympics, you can be nice to each other. Smile because you have done a triathlon!

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