Turbo: Keeping up Fitness

Probably the ultimate in boring training: sitting on a turbo trainer, inside, for an hour or so. As I can't ride outside, I've been reduced to riding inside infront of the tv. It is very unintereting so bear with as I try to make an interesting post!

What's Next?

My life has been consumed with the Half Ironman since the 12th August 2015, when I signed up. That's 9 months of nothing but swim, bike, run. 1,900m, 90k and 13.1 miles. It's all I've really been thinking about with a mixture of fear and excitement. It's been great and I have enjoyed training but now that it's been cut short, I'm not sure what's next for me.

Round Up: May

This has probably been one of the worst months I could imagine. I dislocated my shoulder at the start of the month swimming and then with just under 4 weeks to go, I fell off my bike and broke my wrist. I sort of lost the plot a bit; I lay in bed crying for days not eating and feeling angry. Looking back over the month, I'm proud of the hours I put in. They might not be useful for Staffordshire 70.3 but they'll be useful at some point. AND I got some unbelievably badass tan lines this month :-P

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